Weekly Desktop Part 37

Cartoon hairy rocker, playing guitar & Cranking

Currently I’m making some T-Shirts for the Poke band CRANK! Their first gig is coming up soon, not yet official, but likely to be April 16th at On the Rocks. Above is the design for one of them, he’s kind of a cross between Captain Caveman and the Wombles… Don’t really now why? Anyhow’s brighten up your desktop with him by downloading the image here.


Cartoon hairy rocker, playing flying v guitar & Cranking

Flying V guitars rule! Download this one here.

Another update:

Cartoon hairy rocker, singing with his cock out & Cranking

Rocking out with his cock out… Should probably explain that the name for the band Crank came from the word cranking, meaning crying & wanking simultaneously. Just so you don’t think I randomly drew a cock on it! Download this one here.

More updates:

Cartoon hairy rocker, smashing his guitar to bits

If you know the Poke band, you might be able to guess which member this is, smashing his guitar to bits. Download the slightly less hairy rocker here.

And finally:

Cartoon hairy drummer

The drummer completes the set! Download Mattias here.

My Early Designs

early designs

As I posted about before, Andy Whitlock from Now in Colour is running Early Designs and wants us all to show some examples of our early work and talk about how it compares to the work we’re producing now. It slightly pains me to unearth all this ancient work, but I agree with the principle that it’s quite an interesting thing to see, so here’s some examples of my Early Designs:


I’d say my illustration style has changed a lot over the years. But actually after going through a load of old sketches and stuff, I’d say my hand hand drawn illustration hasn’t changed much at all.

Life Drawing at school

Some stuff like life drawing, I was much better at then than I am now!

various illustrations from college years

I think it’s the tools I use that have changed, this has had the biggest effect on my illustration. The early illustration examples above are hand drawn, pencil and ink. Spirit marker & pencil crayon. I started during 2000 (because of flash) producing vector illustrations, but these were still scanned in ink drawings, then ran through streamline. God do you remember streamline :P

examples of my recent illustration work

Nowadays in 2008 I use Illustrator as my primary drawing tool. Which generally gives my work a more stylised & simplified look. I think my hand drawn sketches are quite similar to those of the past though.


my early design work

I didn’t think I’d have much direct comparison work to show because I didn’t do web or multimedia design at Uni, I was a industrial designer back in the day. So my work (few examples above) is of products not websites. Even though it’s quite different, I can see my sense of fun in the handheld Sgt. Smiles teeth cleaning game for kids. Also my love of all things ancient and industrial, in the timer dials of the flip-top microwave.

examples of my web design work

Above is more recent web design work, not really a direct comparison, but I think has a similar mood? But wait, while looking through all the old stuff I unearthed a CD containing the first ever website I built! I kind of forgotten that I’d build websites back as early as 2000 – so bear in mind that this was the first thing done by someone self taught… Now re-uploaded and not seen on the web since 2000, here’s one of my final year projects at University called Jibber-Jabber. Makes me cringe a bit, but I am impressed by the amount of man hours that went into that thing…Blighmy when did I ever find time to do any drinking!

Birthday score card

Some things haven’t changed much though. I’ve always liked making charts, diagrams and interesting ways of keeping scores. Above is a birthday scorecard type thing I made for a mates 20th birthday. You can see how the more recent King & Queen of Sports scorecard below, is kind of like an evolution along the same lines.

scorecard, king and queen of sport

That’s pretty much me done. Hope you enjoyed looking at my old work alongside more recent stuff to see how it compares. Now it’s your turn! Unearth those old college sketch books and post your own Early Designs.

King Cookie

playing card, king Cookie

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a long long time but never got round to – Illustrate myself as a playing card! Before I started I had a quick look on the web to see if anyone had a vector playing card templates I could edit, couldn’t find any… I’m sure it’d be a fairy handy thing for folk, so I’ve uploaded the illustrator file of my version of the King for you to download and use as you please. I’ll try and get round to finishing the rest of the deck at some point, but don’t hold your breath!

Penguin – We Tell Stories

We Tell stories map and story overlay

This is quite interesting, Penguin have just launched We Tell Stories. 6 different Authors have written 6 new stories inspired by 6 penguin classics which you read online. First up this week is The 21 Steps by Charles Cummings, inspired by The 39 Steps by John Buchan. Each week there’s a new story released. The interesting bit for is how the stories are told. They’re overlaid on Google Maps, as the story develops you can see the route the character is taking around London.