Awesome Sunset

After crossing a high pass me and Paul had a look a the weather and concluded, looks like a thunderstorm tonight, but also looks like it’d be an awesome sunset. We took the risk and camped high up, just on the edge of the tree line. Certainly paid off, we got about half an hour of the sky changing through beautifull colours while sipping our margaritas :)

Dedication to a good drink

Can you see the green bag strapped to the top of Paul’s rucksack? Well that’s usually the bag we hang our food in, away from the prying claws of bears. But now that it’s almost July and the remnants of last winters snow are melting fast, we’re having to pack down the snow from the high passes to make our margaritas with! Well worth the effort though :)

Monarch Crest

Lovely walk along the ridge between Marshall Pass and Monarch Pass today. This is usually a really popular mountain biking route, but as you can see there’s still a few sections deep under snow, so we had it all to ourselves.