Mountain Mojito on the trail

What no margarita? Well they say variety is the spice of life, and anyhow fresh mint was 2 for 1 at the supermarket. We’re still using the lemon and lime powder, bit of sugar, mint, splash of water and of course some rum :) Muddle it up with a spoon and it’s not bad at all, very refreshing at the end of the day! Pity the mint is going to be pretty hard to come by, or this could easily become a regular feature.

Surprisingly pleasant

Camping on green grass

This is our first camp out of Rawlins, we didn’t get too far, had to wait for a replacement water filter to be delivered. We thought we’d be in a barren wasteland, but it’s surprisingly nice here. I’d even go as far as saying it’s probably the nicest camp spot we’ve had since the start of Colorado. No insects bothering us, soft green grass to sit on, spring right next to us, pleasant temperature, it’s perfect! We thought the great divide basin was going to be hard, it’s a piece of cake!

Some Lomos from Nicky

Cookie and Paul In Colorado Montage

Hi this is Nicky :) Here’s a quick montage of Lomo moments i took when i visited the boys in Colorado. They’re taken on the section between Silverthorne and Steamboat Springs which went from mountains down to meadows, and a lot of forest! We even saw a large herd of wild Elk running through the valley below which was a pretty amazing site. So stunning that i totally forgot to get the camera out ;)

Lots more pictures here.

Before and After



Paul had a little tidy up of his facial hair today, Nicky gave mine a bit of a once over while we were in Steamboat Springs. Since we’re halfway through now, seems like a good opportunity to compare ourselves to when we started. If you’ve forgotten already, this is what Cookie looked like and this is what Paul looked liked. Do you think it’s an improvement?

Also as fast as we’ve been growing facial hair, we’ve been losing the weight, I’ve gone from 185 pounds to 167 pounds. Paul’s gone from 168 pounds to 151 pounds.

Be interesting to see how much more we’re going to change before Canada!

Sunrise just outside Rawlins

We got up super early to try and get a fair amount of hiking in before the sun rose, shouldn’t of bothered it’s been cloudy and quite cool today. Got into town for lunch though, which was good.

34 miles to Rawlins…

We took an alternate route from the mountains to Rawlins. It was 15-20 miles shorter, we’d been a whole 2 days without booze, we had to get there fast! The only downside was hiking along this never ending road, wasn’t too much traffic though.

We’re in the desert now

Oh yes, what joy, 200 miles to the next tree I hear. It’s hot as hell, soaked my hat it some of the last naturaly occuring water we’ll pass and it was bone dry in about 5 minutes!