Didn’t quite make it to the top..

We got up as far as the snowline, just above the middle cablecar station Birg and Nicky ran out of steam. She made it most off the way though, Birg is only about 250m lower than the top!

Our plans were to walk over the top and down the other side to Greisalp, but instead we retreated back to Mürren to rest up.

That’s where we are today, resting, drinking beer and stealing the wireless from the 4 star hotel next door to do our blogging ;)

Heading up the Schilthorn

The Schilthorn is a mountain which is etched into my memory. It’s not massively high, just shy of 3000 metres, but from the valley bottom of 800m, it’s over 2000m of ascent, which for an eight year old when I first climbed it was a big deal. It’s also famous for having a revolving restaurant on the top which was a location in the James Bond movie, Her Majesty’s Secret Service. I remember being in tears when we reached the top the first time, but a 007 ice-cream (biggest I’d ever seen or since) soon put a smile back on my face :) and we descended the easy way, via cablecar.

A scene which it turns out would be somewhat reapeated this time!

Lauterbrunnen – Mürren Express

I bet there’s not many train journeys in the world that pack the punch of this one to Mürren. In a journey no more than 10 minutes long we trundled past breath taking views of Jungfrau, Monch and the Eiger. Ending up 800 meters above the valley bottom to gives us a head start up the Schilthorn today.

Eiger Nordwand Fondue

We’ve been saving the classic Swiss cheese fondue for a special occasion, so when we found a North Face of the Eiger version in the North Face of the Eiger restuarant, with amazing views of the North Face of the Eiger, we had to get it.

This is Nicky’s first ever cheese fondue, I think you can see by her face that she’s wondering, how can all this melted cheese ever be good for you?

Well mainly because it’s tastey, tastey, tastey :) But probably one of the hardest meals to eat with a big beard!

All gone, was that good Nicky? I think so.