Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

Finally! First post in ages… This blog hasn’t changed a great deal since 2006, it was in desperate need of an update, so here we go. I’m just going to start out with the standard WordPress template and design it as I go, I need to learn a bit more about designing in a browser – these responsive layouts have made Photoshop fairly redundant.

The thing I most want to explore with this re-design as you might of guessed by the title of this post is Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). I was shocked how shite to internet looks on Nicky’s new retina display laptop, fuzzy scaled up bitmap graphics when they have to potential to look so crispy clean is a sad thing to see. The future looks like it’s all about the vectors (again – r.i.p Flash).

It’s a bit of an arse though, even though SVGs have been around for ever, they still aren’t that well supported. I had to install a plugin so WordPress would recognise them as an image format. If you’re look at this blog in Safari you’ll already see the bug which scales the width but not the height… But I’ve only just started to scratch the surface, more soon.