Booze News – Beerosaurs!

Michael Crichton’s fictional tale Jurassic Park saw scientists bringing back dinosaurs from the dead by extracting dino blood from a mosquito preserved in a blob of amber. Seems like fact is catching up with fiction, they’re not building a funfair though, oh no, a brewery instead! Good lads :)

Apparently they’ve extracted a 45 million year old yeast from the belly of a bee trapped in a blob of amber. So after a long rest the yeast can finally get down to what it was born to do – turn sugar into CO2 & booze.

There’s a bit more of a backstory to it than that, Wired have got the lowdown on the prehistoric beer.

Apparently it’s due to be released in the Autumn, but there’s currently not much on their Fossil Fuels website.

Click on the dino pic to grab a desktop picture.

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