Obama Naked with Unicorns..

Obama Naked with Unicorns

This is one of the weirdest things I’ve seen in a while.. by an equally strange artist called The Painter of Pancakes. He says he started painting after “I had something of a mental and spiritual breakdown”, makes sense, and he also adds “My paintings sometimes horrify my family”. Well I say good work, they put a smile on my face, check out all his Naked Obama’s with Unicorns here »

Some other links:

Bizarre video of him here.

Check out his paintings for sale on eBay.

Cheers for the link Nicky | Via: WildAmmo.

Tom Sachs

Tom Sachs - NASAblad

NASAblad – Modified Hasselblad 500C/M, plywood & paint.

Not sure if I’ve ever blogged about a sculptor before, but I’ve taken a real shining to the work of Tom Sachs. He re-makes masterpieces of engineering & design, in his own crude style/technique with simple materials like duct tape and plywood. I think the end results are amazing and fascinating, l love that you can see every join, screw or material used.

Tom Sachs - Hardcore

Hardcore – weapon cabinet, mixed media.

Kind of a cross between a carpenters tool wall and action film weapon cabinets. Having something like this would definitely satisfy a childhood fantasy, bring on the zombies!

Tom Sachs - Bösendorfer

Bösendorfer – plywood, Marshall amplifier, electronic keyboard

It’s great that he’s made this a working model, hobbling together the guts with keyboard, amp and speakers, as well as piano body.

Art Brut(e) – Jessie Peterson

Frank Zappa at home with his mum and dad

Ifound Art Brut(e) this morning after Jessie linked up my Christmas cheat sheets, 2 hours later I’ve just finnished digging through her archives… Anyhow, chock full of good stuff, I’ve cherry picked some of my favs here: Nicky had shown me Life magazines photo archive on google before, but I hadn’t seen these shots of musicians from the 70’s in their parents homes before, brilliant! Above is Frank Zappa at home with parents Francis and Rosemary. 

The secret history of Kiss 
Ron English’s The Secret History of Kiss paintings.
 Tampon / Ben Wa Balls

Ladies, this will take the edge off your peroids…

Can’t be bothered to do any more pictures, here just some quick links: A lighthearted look at the relationships among marketing roles, Half a conversation t-shirtsMichael Gilletes Bond book covers and whatever you do, don’t miss Three Legged Legs‘ – Piece of Me, Piece of You – zombie puppet short.