Weekly Desktop Part 32

Crying and wanking desktop

Iposted a while back about the amusement the word cranking was giving us in the office (crying + wanking). Well it amused us enough for the Poke band to call themselves Crank in it’s honor! They’ve got their first gig coming up at the next ClubPub, which I can’t wait for :)

I had a few spare minutes this afternoon so had a go at creating them a logo… Not sure if they’ll like, but if you do, you can download it as a desktop here »

Australia Day ClubPub

Australia Day ClubPub

Australia Day ClubPub this Wednesday, 30th Jan. Ok so we’re going to be a bit late, Australia Day is on the 26th, but better late than never! Poke’s always had a good amount of Australian employees so were celebrating the founding of their land down under :) We’re moving slightly away from Shoreditch for this one to the Pleasure Unit on Bethnal Green Road – Map. Not been before, but apparently it’s a bit retro and psychadelic, also they’re about to re-fit the place so it doesn’t matter if we trash it. It used to be a gay pub called the Cock & Comfort, what a class name! Get yourself into your tightest shorts & cork hat and head on down, should a good night.

Also I think we’re bringing back by popular demand the GIF Jockey 2.0, so if anyone has an amusing animated GIFs send them my way!

Check out my Pipes

cookies pipes

Tags are back! This one is probably of no interest to anyone but me, but I’ve set up a Yahoo Pipe to aggregate just about everything on the web that is tagged with “cookie”, you can view the output of it here »

It’s dead easy to set up, I just cloned a pipe Nico made to aggregate design links within poke, you see that pipe here » its a surprisingly simple solution to suck in content from a whole variety of web services, all you’ve got to do is tag things with a relatively unique tag.

New Poke Site

Launch image of new poke london website

PokeLondon has just been updated with a shiny new site, designed by my girl friend Nicky. Also big thanks to Mattias for building it, Dickon for compiling all the portfolio imagery and Iain for the copy and everyone else… I did the tiling background! Have a good look round, I think it’s looking great.

One feature I’d like to point out is the search, when I first discovered it I was blown away. Below you is an example of the contextual menu you get as you search:

nice search

But even better is when you click ‘Show All Results’, you come to this results page which has a beautiful lefty-righty scrolling projects menu and a vertical blog results window. I love it.

nice search results page

Beautiful Colour

Examples of the photographic work of Greg Reed, bright colours, graphic composition, fun fairs

Across my desk at work is Greg, we pump out hot air from the backs of our G5 towers towards each other all day. Only recently I’ve discovered how good and daring a photographer he is (he’s a web developer during the day). Check out his Flickr account for lots of saturated colour, graphical compositions and fun fair fun.

Next week (2-9th December) he’s having an exhibition at Gallery 5 in west London, I can’t wait, see the NottingStill website for more info.