Help, we’re homeless!

Cute Sad looking puppy and cat looking for a new home

So we’re back, we’ve found a new home in sunny Shadwell, but… We can’t move in until the 1st August, problem is we start work at the beginning of July – we need a place to stay in London Town for 4 weeks. Weren’t sorted now thanks :)

6 thoughts on “Help, we’re homeless!

  1. Shadwell!!! As in Shadwell, Leeds!? Has the big smoke done you wrong? Anyway, as a fellow Yorkshire lad, welcome home.

    You should swing by the Thought Bubble festival this November ( as it’ll be quite the artistic hullabaloo.

    Keeping doing what you do because it’s all splendid,

  2. Hi Cookie
    Your kitty and little dog in the picture are so nice
    You travel alot, I think is very nice to travel so much
    And to have fun
    like you do
    Thank you for your pictures

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