Tom Sachs

Tom Sachs - NASAblad

NASAblad – Modified Hasselblad 500C/M, plywood & paint.

Not sure if I’ve ever blogged about a sculptor before, but I’ve taken a real shining to the work of Tom Sachs. He re-makes masterpieces of engineering & design, in his own crude style/technique with simple materials like duct tape and plywood. I think the end results are amazing and fascinating, l love that you can see every join, screw or material used.

Tom Sachs - Hardcore

Hardcore – weapon cabinet, mixed media.

Kind of a cross between a carpenters tool wall and action film weapon cabinets. Having something like this would definitely satisfy a childhood fantasy, bring on the zombies!

Tom Sachs - Bösendorfer

Bösendorfer – plywood, Marshall amplifier, electronic keyboard

It’s great that he’s made this a working model, hobbling together the guts with keyboard, amp and speakers, as well as piano body.

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