1.The CDT in 3 min. | 2. The CDT in 15 min. | 3. Full length version: New Mexico | Colorado | Wyoming | Montana
Little map of the the CDT

The Continental Divide Trail (in 3 min)

Not got time to watch the whole thing? Well this version is for you, six months of solid hiking condensed into 3 minutes of action packed footage!

Maybe you do have time for a good cause though? We were raising funds for The Cystic Fibrosis Trust as we both have friends that suffer from this currently incurable disease. The money raised will help fund research to find a cure for the world’s most common life-threatening inherited disease. So far we've raised £2940, you can still sponsor us here go on, get us up 3 grand :)

Well how was it?

Bloody good actually, a lot better than I was expecting to be honest! I thought the constant walking day after day would get a bit tedious, but it wasn't, every day was different and exciting. Towards the end I was wishing it could last a bit longer! Also I thought we'd get ill and injured from time to time, but we didn't suffer anything other than a slightly sprained ankle and a bad hangover.

I wasn't sure if the trip would change me? I don't think it did other than maybe stopping to pick up hitch hikers more often. I suppose the biggest change was my body - by the time we got to Canada I'd lost 35 pounds, finished up 10 and a half stone (a weight I can't ever remember being before), Paul lost 18 pounds. And of course we were both fit as a fiddle!

Song used:

1. The excellent Catch As Catch Can by Burt Bacharach from the film What's New Pussycat?.

Extras: Crossing Water | Walking in the Rain | Ski Sunday | Slow Motion | Glacier Alternate | San Juan Alternate


1. Read a day by day account of the whole trip on my blog (500 entries).

2. Check out Paul's Photos of the trip on his Flickr.

3. Download the route planner / overview map / rough schedule we used - blank or filled in with data.

4. Download Quicktime files of our documentary for fullscreen viewing:

 » 3 minute version

 » 15 minute version

 » 2 hour version


1. You absolutely must get Jonathan Ley's maps.

2. This map of the CDT on Google Maps is very useful.

3. The site Spirit Eagle has pretty much all the info you'll need.

4. CDT Planning Guide.

5. Most people we met used the Wolf guides from the Conentinental Divide Trail Society and the Yogi handbook for town info.


1. Boston & Cubby (nobo) 2008.

2. Skittles (sobo) 2008.

3. Sunset (nobo) 2008.

4. Shaggy (nobo) 2007.

5. Crazynuts (sobo) 2007.

6. Wildcat (sobo) 2007.

7. Sidewinder (nobo) 2006.

8. The Walkumentary 2006.