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Glacier National Park

In some ways it was a shame that we hit Glacier just as winter was kicking in, from what we could see through the clouds this a truely wild awe-inspiring place. But then again the freezing conditions seemed to suit the epic landscape. Even though the wind was howling we didn't want to detour from the high level route we'd set our hearts on (following Jonathan Ley's red route, not official CDT). There was a number of times we were actually blown off our feet and in some pretty exposed places. In retrospect in was actually a bit stupid, but hey we'd just walking right across America, what could stop us now?

Song used:

I was looking for a gnarly song to fit the mood of the footage and remembered this tune from when I was a kid (used to give me the creeps) Horsell Common And The Heat Ray by Jeff Wayne from The War of the Worlds. My girlfriend Nicky hated it and I ended up changing it for the final edit (to Black Sabbath's War Pigs), but here's the origianl, enjoy.

Extras: Crossing Water | Walking in the Rain | Ski Sunday | Slow Motion | Glacier Alternate | San Juan Alternate


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2. Check out Paul's Photos of the trip on his Flickr.

3. Download the route planner / overview map / rough schedule we used - blank or filled in with data.

4. Download Quicktime files of our documentary for fullscreen viewing:

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1. You absolutely must get Jonathan Ley's maps.

2. This map of the CDT on Google Maps is very useful.

3. The site Spirit Eagle has pretty much all the info you'll need.

4. CDT Planning Guide.

5. Most people we met used the Wolf guides from the Conentinental Divide Trail Society and the Yogi handbook for town info.


1. Boston & Cubby (nobo) 2008.

2. Skittles (sobo) 2008.

3. Sunset (nobo) 2008.

4. Shaggy (nobo) 2007.

5. Crazynuts (sobo) 2007.

6. Wildcat (sobo) 2007.

7. Sidewinder (nobo) 2006.

8. The Walkumentary 2006.