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Little map of the Montana CDT section

Montana Section of the CDT

Generally i was a bit disappointed with Montana, it wasn't rubbish but just not quite the big mountain country I was expecting. The upside of this though, we were able to walk right on top of the divide for most of the way.

Up until this point we hadn't taken any of the semi-official 'cut-off routes', but by the time we got to the Anaconda cut-off it was late September and we were worried about waist deep fresh snow in Glacier so we took it. In retrospect it was a late winter so we shouldn't of...

The further north we got my initial dissapoint faded as we entered The Bob Marshall Widerness (Chinese Wall & Pentagon Peak). Then in the final week the temperature plumeted, but it didn't matter because were walking through the awesome Glacier National Park and the end was just a few days away. It was the 9th of October when we got to Canada, what did we do to celebrate? Ate a massive steak and got as pissed as lords of course!

Songs used:

1. The Lima section is Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones.

2. The Leadore Section is I Wish I Knew What I Know Now by Neil Young.

3. The Salmon section is Pacific Coast Highway by Burt Bacharach.

4. The Anaconda section is I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman by Whistling Jack Smith.

5. The Helena section is A Forest by The Cure.

6. The Bob Marshall Wilderness section is Ramble On by Led Zeppelin.

7. The Glacier National Park section is War Pigs by Black Sabbath.

8. And finally the the run to the Canadian border is We are the Champions by Queen.

Extras: Crossing Water | Walking in the Rain | Ski Sunday | Slow Motion | Glacier Alternate | San Juan Alternate


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3. Download the route planner / overview map / rough schedule we used - blank or filled in with data.

4. Download Quicktime files of our documentary for fullscreen viewing:

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1. You absolutely must get Jonathan Ley's maps.

2. This map of the CDT on Google Maps is very useful.

3. The site Spirit Eagle has pretty much all the info you'll need.

4. CDT Planning Guide.

5. Most people we met used the Wolf guides from the Conentinental Divide Trail Society and the Yogi handbook for town info.


1. Boston & Cubby (nobo) 2008.

2. Skittles (sobo) 2008.

3. Sunset (nobo) 2008.

4. Shaggy (nobo) 2007.

5. Crazynuts (sobo) 2007.

6. Wildcat (sobo) 2007.

7. Sidewinder (nobo) 2006.

8. The Walkumentary 2006.