Cat Eat Poop #3

First written line: Santa’s reindeers are on strikeCat eat poop doodles

Second line: Reindeers larging it & behaving like an idiots

Cat eat poop doodles

Third line: Reindeers on drugs, Santa’s gonna be furious!

Cat eat poop doodles

Final line: Rudolph the red nose reindeers tries to shag Santa.

Note: Don’t know what the hell is going? Refer to my original post here.

Cat Eat Poop #2

First written line: Cookie cooking a turkey for everyone at Unit 2Cat eat poop doodles

Second line: Cookie would like to be roasted with a chicken

Cat eat poop doodles

Third line: Cookie falls in love with an oven

Cat eat poop doodles

Final line: Cookie loves loves to climb into ovens.

Note: Don’t know what the hell is going? Refer to my original post here.

Cat Eat Poop #1

There’s a drawing game I came across a while ago called eat poop you cat, it’s a surrealist game a bit like consequences and exquisite corpse, but more of a mixture of the two. I don’t actually like the name and have started calling and will refer to it as Cat Eat Poop.

Basically everyone writes a sentence on the top of a piece of paper, then passes to the next person. Next stage you have to draw a picture of the sentence you’ve just received, then fold the paper so that the original sentence can’t be seen and pass it on. Next stage you have to write what you think the picture is of, fold then pass on, then draw again etc… Generally you finish when you run out of paper.

I’ve been playing the game at various Christmas meals recently and my belly is still hurting with laughter, it’s such a good game. Going to start posting some of the games, here’s the first one.

First written line: Sachi invents a secret weapon…!

Cat eat poop doodles

Second line: Noodles can kill

Cat eat poop doodles

Third line: People getting killed by Pot Noodles, and Pot Noodles are happy & Partying

Cat eat poop doodles

Final line: Giant snakes from Mars invade planet Earth and they are not friendly!

Note: Generally I think these things are probably funnier when you’re there, but I think they’re great, more to come :)

Top 10 things of 2007

I was just reading on Asi’s blog his top 10 things of 2007, thought I’d have a go too, so here is my Off the Top of My Mead, Favourite Things of 2007.

Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games music video

1. Music

Of Montreal, album: Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? I first came across Of Montreal through their brilliant music video of the song Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games by Kangaroo Alliance. Really into their catchy bass lines & surreal lyrics.

film poster of Planet Terror

2. Film

Planet Terror by Robert Rodriguez. Non stop zombie blood bath – Girls, guns, guts, this movies got it all – loved every minute of it. Shame Tarantino’s Death Proof wasn’t as top notch (although the ending was genius).

Nad Shot, blog of cartoon characters getting whacked in the nuts

3. Blog

Nad Shot. I love blogs or sites that are obsessively devoted to one obscure thing, well Nad Shot tops the ranks for me. It’s a blog showcasing frames from comics where a character is getting whacked in the nuts. Genius.

Free love and less expensive beer protest sign

4. Party/Fancy dress

There’s been a few good do’s this year, but I think my favourite was back in the begining of the year for my 3oth birthday when we went on a protest pub crawl through london. More info here, and some pictures of the day here. It had everything, all day drinking, armed police trying to arrest us, fancy dress, all my friends and a banging warehouse party at the end to polish it off. Ah happy days :)

Nike vintage waffle racer

5. Stuff to buy

My top purchase this year was my Nike Vintage Waffle Racers in Classic Green. In my opinion, the perfect trainer and I love them the bits. More info on the Nike Vintage site.

Sorry T-Shirt

6. T-Shirt

I love t-shirts, but the one I love above all others is my sorry. t-shirt from Glarkware. It’s so simple, but always get comments from random people, and you can’t fault Cooper Black as the classic t-shirt font.

Poster by Scott Hansen

7. Designer

So hard to pick your favourite, but I think I’d have to go for Scott Hansen, portfolio | blog. I’ve been an admirer of his work for a while, it just so beautifully detailed and rich.

Alex Trochut BA numbers

8. Illustrator

Alex Trouchut, I suppose you could say his work is typography, but I’m in awe of his clean lines and precision work, all of it top notch. Check out his portfolio >

Sachiko Munakata

9. Person

Sachi. I was going to pick my girlfriend Nicky, but she doesn’t have a site yet that I can link to… So instead (and perhaps more rightly so) I’m going to pick Sachiko Munakata. I’ve only known Sachi for 3 years, but we’ve been house mates all that time and she really is a pleasure to live with. I’ve met a few people throughout my life who constantly amaze me and I never tire of, Sachi’s definitely one of them. (Sachi you need to start posting to your blog though!)

FFFFOUND website, tile view

10. Website

It’s got to be FFFFOUND. The site is just so crammed full of good things to look at, it’s hard to go a day without visiting it. Find some good looking things now > (if anyone has a spare invite, could you send it my way?)


I came across the Japanese interactive outfit ‘tha‘ today while looking for who’d made the amazing FFFFOUND website which I’ve been browsing endlessly recently. Turns out they’ve done quite a bit of stuff I’ve seen before, such as the Uniqlo site (mosaic tile browser). The colourfull site of art director Kashiwa Sato, and from years back that amaztype thing for searching amazon.

The also have some really nice work that I haven’t seen before though, such as the Honda Sweet Mission – it’s like like an audio blogging platform.

Though to be honest though after having a good though their portfolio I was suffering a lot from ‘flash fatigue’