Huge Erection in Shoreditch?!?!

colossus, a huge penis shaped skyscraper in shoreditchHuge cock shaped skyscraper development in Shoreditch! Dave spotted this piss take fly poster outside our office this morning. As Dave points out:

“Someone has gone to a lot of effort for a knob gag. Good on them!”

I quite agree :)

While I’m on the subject of knob gags, here’s a nice cock t-shirt that the Roope sent me.

Here’s the scene out of Superbad where Seth describes his childhood cock drawing problem. I got sent this a lot, since making Cock-a-doodle a few years back everyone thinks that I had a childhood cock drawing problem…

And finally a very enthusiastic fan of Superbad has made this series of animations based on Seth’s penis drawings. Good work and cheers Roelant for the link.

Horde all your Cardboard!

Cardboard graphics, party flyer, unit 2

We’re having a house party at Unit 2, it’s a joint (belated) house warming for our new housemates Jody & Emeline, and birthday party for me! (I turn the grand old age 31 on the 10th)

The theme is cardboard, accessorise with it, dress in it, draw on it, make of it what you will. No one is allowed to do this, I want to make it. We’ll be getting hammered on boxes of wine from about 8 till late.

Stick it in your diary & hope you can make it :) Cookie.

The Haute Route 2004

Right this is the last of my previous holiday videos I’ll bore you with (until I finish editing the last 2 that is). But this is probably my favourite so far, it’s the highlights of our trek across the Alps in 2004.

We had a week in Chamonix getting fit and teaching the others glacier crossing skills and crevasse rescues etc. It was suppose to culminate in the summit of Mt. Blanc, but there was crap loads of snow in early June and our progress was slower than expected. We had to turn back before we got to the top in order the see a crucial England European Championship football game – I think it’s was that one that France beat us in extra time… should of kept on going for the top! Anyhow’s the fun really started when we got on The Haute Route which is a week and a half high level route from Chamonix to Zermatt almost entirely on glaciers. It was early in the season so all the huts were shut and we had them to ourselves (found some weed in one which was nice). Never saw anyone else in the high mountains the whole time, had them all to ourselves. There was no foot prints in the snow to follow, which led to numerous hairy unexpected detours, once down completely the wrong valley!

I love the song I’ve edited it too, it’s Catch As Catch Can by Burt Bacharach. You might remember it from the end chase sequence in Woody Allen’s What’s New Pussycat?

Paintings for Roome Consulting

eleanor roome and my paintings in her new office

Client: Roome Consulting | Agency: Made in England by Gentlemen

Eleanor, my friend, ex flatmate and owner of Roome Consulting asked me to paint some paintings to decorate her new office. I’m a bit slow at painting, so I roped my girlfriend Nicky to give me a hand painting them :) They loved them, some of the characters even made on to their website which I also designed.