A Big Thank You!

A screengrab of my technorati RankingI started this blog a little over a year ago, here’s my first post. At the time I didn’t really know what to expect, but the newly launched Technorati had this little graph (which seems to of disappeared now), it was blank for me – said it “only tracked the top 100,000 blogs”. So at the time I thought, that’s what I want to achieve, get into the top 100,000 blogs so that I get a little graph!

Well the graph feature might of gone, but today I noticed that I’ve finally made it into the top 100,000. I’m chuffed to bits and just want to thank everyone for popping in over the past year and I suppose more importantly for those folk who’ve linked me up (I think that’s how Technorati do their rankings?).

I find looking at my blog statistics endlessly fascinating, I’ve had a big increase in visitors over the past month or two (I’m on about 750 uniques a day at the moment) although most of them seem to after either my inflatable bikini or anal sex t-shirt post…

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