Surprise Crank Gig

Crank playing live

Last night I was surprised with an intimate gig by CRANK at the Premises rehearsal studios, above is a shitty shot of them in action. Unfortunately I’m not going to have chance to see them in concert before I go on my big walk (ClubPub got put back…) but I loved every second of my sneak peak yesterday :) I must say, they’re bloody good and bloody loud. I was told they’re the only band who’s had to be told to keep it down at the rehearsal studios!

I think my favourite song was a version of Because I wanna by The Hives, I thought Nico was going to tear all the strings from his guitar while playing. As a final touch they performed I would walk 500 miles as a farewell to me – Cheers guys, I’m hoping to walk considerably more than 500 miles though…

Weekly Desktop Part 37

Cartoon hairy rocker, playing guitar & Cranking

Currently I’m making some T-Shirts for the Poke band CRANK! Their first gig is coming up soon, not yet official, but likely to be April 16th at On the Rocks. Above is the design for one of them, he’s kind of a cross between Captain Caveman and the Wombles… Don’t really now why? Anyhow’s brighten up your desktop with him by downloading the image here.


Cartoon hairy rocker, playing flying v guitar & Cranking

Flying V guitars rule! Download this one here.

Another update:

Cartoon hairy rocker, singing with his cock out & Cranking

Rocking out with his cock out… Should probably explain that the name for the band Crank came from the word cranking, meaning crying & wanking simultaneously. Just so you don’t think I randomly drew a cock on it! Download this one here.

More updates:

Cartoon hairy rocker, smashing his guitar to bits

If you know the Poke band, you might be able to guess which member this is, smashing his guitar to bits. Download the slightly less hairy rocker here.

And finally:

Cartoon hairy drummer

The drummer completes the set! Download Mattias here.

Basic Hip Digital Gold

Obscure albums to buy

Iwas looking for some interesting/obscure “Cowboy” music today, to edit a walking video to. I managed to find buried in my bookmarks Basic Hip Digital Gold, it’s a fairy large archive of bizarre recordings and all albums are downloadable full quality (320kbps) for only 66p!

They have categories for Exotica and Hawaiian, moog music (a personal favourite) Soundtracks (awesome covers), pop instrumentals and just plain weird stuff (check out the Nutty Squirrels).

World’s Greatest Music Collection

The World's Greatest Music Collection

Holey moley, the largest collection of recorded music in the world is on ebay! The estimated value is more than $50 million, be interesting to see how much it gets. With a starting bid of $3,000,000 there’s no bids so far, but it says it’s the most watch listing on ebay ever.

“It’s the undisputed largest collection of recorded music in the world. About half of the recordings are new and never played, and every genre of 20th century music is represented.”

It ends at 2pm on Thursday 21st Feb.

Update: Sold for £1,547,101.26 – seems pretty cheap to me, luck bidder!

Weekly Desktop Part 32

Crying and wanking desktop

Iposted a while back about the amusement the word cranking was giving us in the office (crying + wanking). Well it amused us enough for the Poke band to call themselves Crank in it’s honor! They’ve got their first gig coming up at the next ClubPub, which I can’t wait for :)

I had a few spare minutes this afternoon so had a go at creating them a logo… Not sure if they’ll like, but if you do, you can download it as a desktop here »