Movember + Twitter & Hashtags = Tachetags! This was the brainchild of a mate at Blast radius, who got me in as the ‘moustache expert’ to make it happen.

Basically the idea is you upload daily photos of your folical folly to twitter (using twitpic, yfrog or img.ly) and add #tachetag in the text. We’ll pull them all into tachetag.com where you and anyone else can see your progress and, if they like the look of your hirsute heroics, add a donation in your name.

There a few more features in the wings, like being able to post images directly on the site, personal pages with all your photos and hopefully an animated gif of it growing.

Tachetags Website

Weekly Desktop Part 45

Different moustache styles illustration

Well we’re 3 days into Movember, so here’s a summary of possible moustache styles in desktop picture format to inspire all those taking part this year. If this is the first you’ve heard of Movember then you should sign up and help change the face of men’s health.

The illustrations are actually taken from a fun Movember related site I’ve been working on, more details when it goes live… soon!

Here a close up of the Zorro tache:

Zorro moustache vector illustration

Christmas Vital Stats 2009

Christmas Vital Stats 2009

For the past few years I’ve making these ‘fill out your Vital Stats, hand it over to your partner’ Christmas cheat sheets. My attempt to solve the age old problem of buying clothes for your better half at Christmas time. It’s generally been my most popular post of the year, for the simple reason I suppose, we need them!

So basically you fill out one and give it to your partner (or whoever you’re expecting a present off), or get them to fill out one for you so you don’t blow a surprise by asking for a particular.

Here are the printable forms:

Surprise surprise each year the girls form is downloaded much than the boys, this is the sort of thing girls just remember, us blokes need a handy reminder I suppose ;)

Eleanor & Andy’s Wedding cake

Eleanor & Andy's Wedding cake

Just back from our wedding tour of the north, here’s some pictures of the Eleanor & Andy’s wedding cake that me & Nicky made!

Eleanor & Andy's Wedding cake

What inspired me to ask Eleanor if I could make her cake was the Eugene & Louise bakery art show. I blogged about it a while ago and have been itching for a good excuse to have a go since. Working the Marzipan was a bit harder than I had expected, not quite the same as plasticine.. Definitely didn’t reach E&L’s standards, but I think El was pretty happy with it none the less :)

Wedding Cake Marzipan Men

The best bit was making all the marzipan men for the top. So much fun in fact that ended up with so many that they couldn’t all fit on the cake. We had extra marzipan for all the kids to make their own, took them about 10 minutes to realise it wasn’t plasticine and start eating it!

Brightly coloured wedding attire

I think me & Nicky had the most brightly coloured wedding attire at the wedding! Although with everyone else on our row we almost had the whole spectrum.

Vintage bus ticket machine

Had to post a pic of this amazing old bus ticket machine, I was bus conductor on the way to the church and had to stamp the specially made tickets with it.

I’m afraid we were too pissed to take any pics of the cake actually being eaten.. but I’ve got a vague recollection that it tasted extremely good.

For those interested, more wedding pics and cake making pics on my Flickr.

Invoice Template


I made a new invoice template today, my Dad told me I should be putting invoice numbers on them.. so it needed updating. Anyhow if you google invoice template you get a load of garbage, thought I’d upload mine, might be of use to someone.

Basically it’s a Photoshop file, which you can download here. All the coloured shapes are just masked off flat colours so it should be pretty simple to change the colour scheme, stick a you’re own logo in etc. All the text is editable, although if you don’t want to change the fonts, you’ll need Knockout, Phaeton & Numbers Indicia.

I’ve changed a few things on my own invoice over the last few years so I thought I would update this template as it still seems to receive quite a bit of traffic. Now includes net total, a larger area for name’s and address, various other tweaks.

Switzerland Holiday Video

I‘m in the process of editing the video of our Swiss walk. I’ll not bore you with the whole thing, but here’s the intro. We had probably the worst weather I’ve ever had on a walking holiday, but when it wasn’t raining there was a few days of glorious sunshine. The intro reflects these two opposite experiences, starting off with all the bad stuff, then as the song changes, so does the weather and all is good :)

Set ot the beat of – Freedom Rock / Mister Freedom by Serge Gainsbourg.

Mammoth luggage for little people

Mammoth luggage for little people

Me and Nicky were invited by my mate Rob to enter his Pimp my Trunki challenge! If you’re not aware of Rob’s luggage for little people, check ’em out here. I remembered when Rob was designing the original Trunki at University, his first sketches were all of a furry animals. I always thought at somepoint he’d release a big furry version, but he hasn’t, so I’ve done it for him!

I’ve made it so that it’s basically just a stuffed cover that could be easily slipped on and off (and packed away inside). The material I used (toilet rugs!) was a bit on the think side, had to hand sew everything and it only just about manages to pack away inside itself. Nicky made the little caveman rider, I’m sure all you crafters will want to know how we did the hair – I’m not entirely sure what it is, some sort of hair piece (but ring shaped?) from the big wig shop at the beginning of Ridley Road Market in Dalson.

It’s going to be displayed along with about 10 other custom trunki’s from other designers and artists at this years Bristol Design Festival, 5th-11th June 2009. I’ll be going down on Saturday to check it out.

Update: What I didn’t realise (should of read the brief..) is that the custum Trunki’s are getting auctioned off to raise money for the festival. So if you can’t make it down the auction and would like to own a Cookie & Nicky ridable luggage original, then email penny@magmatic.co.uk with your bid.

I’m still alive!

Cartoon Crab

Blimey, it’s been over a month since I last wrote a blog post – my excuse? Well I’ve been drawing crabs of course! No that’s a lie, this is the only crab I’ve drawn recently ;) What I’ve mainly been doing is working too hard..

Taking up most of my time is a website I’m designing for Philips, with my new pals at Tribal DDB Amsterdam. I suppose it’s more of a web app than a site, it’s certainly proving to be one of the most complicated beasts I’ve ever worked on. But it’s a good brief and it’s big budget, so unless we totally fuck up, it should pretty amazing :) I don’t think they’ll be too happy if I spilt the beans, so you’ll have to wait until the end of the year to find out what the hell it is.

Skype Business Icons

Also a bit of an ongoing project this year (which I’m back on this week), is a load of illustartions and icons for Skype. Their normal (consumer) stuff was done by the talented French Illustrator Genevieve Gauckler, but they wanted a bit less crazy hands action for the new re-vamped business section. They are rolling stuff out bit by bit, we haven’t quite finished it yet, but it’s coming along.

Social Suicide Beaufort Scale Suit

And finally, the last thing I’m frantically trying to get done in the evenings this week is a series of T-Shirts for my friends at Social Suicide. My T-Shirts are for next summer’s collection, so again you’ll have to wait a bit to get your hands on them. But they’ve just opened a store on Ganton street for this summers collection, as always with them there’s a twist – “The hotter the day, the less you pay” – the temperature in London, in Celsius, at the moment, is the discount you get in percent, at checkout (both in store and online). Well we are supposed to be having a heatwave this summer, so there should be some bargains to be had :)