My Breakfast

Full English Breakfast

I was looking through the photos on my iPhone and came across picture of the breakfast I made the other weekend, felt the need to post it as it was making my mouth water. Full English, yum yum.

Recovering Lazyholics Reminders

Recovering Lazyholics Reminders

I‘m loving these cut out reminders that Lazyholic has made. Reminds me of something similar I used to do at university with pictures of Clint Eastwood reminding me to do stuff, but much less weird.. I think Nicky might come home today to find our house covered in something similar, I’m definitely feeling the lazy bug at the moment.

You should also check out her blog & Flickr, all full of good stuff.

Via: How Magazine.

Does it get any cooler than this?

sean connery as bond, does it get any cooler than this?

I randomly stumbled across this photo of Sean Connery playing Bond on Kateoplis tumblr. I thought to myself – have I blogged about Bond before, probably not? Then I searched my site and found a random snap my mate got of Jaws & Odd Job on a night out, an amusing book on the Birds of the West Indies by a James Bond, a cardboard Aston, some inspired work, and mine and Nicky’s trek up to a Bond film location.

So I have blogged about Bond before, but you can’t have too much of a good thing eh?