More cake action!

Cake baking

While I’m on the subject of cakes, I came across this Threadless Cake baking competition (now ended). Basically you had to re-create a Threadless t-shirt as a cake, my favourite was this You Are The Best cake by Leslie Evans. Look at the all the bloody detail on that lettering?! Everyone seems to be using ‘fondant’ though? Not nearly as tastey as marzipan, yum yum, looks like it might be a bit more sturdy to work with though.

Seb’s Tits & Arse

seblester - Tits & Arse

I‘ve blogged about the typographic skills of Seb Lester before, but I think he deserves another post for this excursion from his usual precise clean vector lines, to this more old school tits & arse action ;)

He’s got his first solo show coming up on the 6th August (on for a month) at the Electrik Sheep Gallery in Newcastle. I’m sure his limited edition prints will be selling fast, so if you live nearby, you should go check it out.

Phaeton Typeface

Phaeton Typeface

I‘m a massive fan of Kevin Cornell’s illustration work, so was delighted today when I saw he’s made his first font – Phaeton. Like most of his stuff it’s straight out of the Victorian era, oozing with charm & character, and chock-full of different ligatures & vignettes. You can get it for £35 from Veer.

He was helped out by typographer Randy Jones, who’s made a similar hand-drawn type – Olduvai. Sadly my budget didn’t quite stretch to that.. but it looks very nice.


Tofdru - cut & paste collage artist

Stumbled across the portfolio of Tofdru on Cargo today, it made my day, no shit made my year, this guys work is awesome. I didn’t think I’d see the day when a cut & paste collage artist would top Terry Gilliam, but I think he has. Can’t find out much about him other than he must own crap load of vintage magazines, I suspect he’s French, but his info page is in Japanese?

Update: Yeah he’s probably French, my Japanese friend says he must have used translation software, grammer is all over the place and it doesn’t make sense…

Also here’s his Flickr.


Gridplane - Infographic

I was searching the web for infographic inspiration yesterday and stumbled across the work of JD Hooge on his site Gridplane. All his work is top notch, but I was particularly taken by his Data Visualisation project for Google. It’s just designs, no link to a working product, but hopefully Google will release to soon, looks great.

As soon as I saw his name, the first thing that came to mind was a pixel font I used to like back in the day – Hooge. Had a quick check and I reckon it was indeed named after him, as it seem Hooge and the maker, Craig Kroeger founded a studio together.

LetterCult – Custom Letters

Richard Perez

Holy shit, LetterCult have posted probably the most inspiring post(s) I’ve seen in a long while – Part 1 & Part 2. Featuring the best Custom Letters (built from scratch, not customised) of 2009. Been spending too much time today searching out the different people’s sites (annoyingly they don’t provide links), wait a sec, here’s a page with the links (cheers Francine).

There’s some familiar faces that I’ve blogged about before, so I’ll highlight a few favourites by people new to me:

Esther Aarts:

Esther Aarts

Esther’s got a nice freehand retro style, her Illustrations are great too, might do a seperate post about them.

Jessica Hische:

Jessica Hische

I’ve actually seen Jessica’s stuff before but never got round to posting it, lovely playful type treatments abound. Check out her blog here and she’s just released her first typeface here.

Richard Perez:

Richard Perez

This guys works is fucking awesome, a mix of illustration, design and typography and a real mix of different styles. The image at the top of this post is by Richard too.

Linzie Hunter:

Linzie Hunter

Her Spam Project cracks me up, plenty more great work where that came from too.

Via: Yewknee.