Drinking Jumpers

Beer / Drinking Jumpers

When my brother was out for an all day session (usually our birthdays) he used to wear his “Drinking Jumper” a bizarre comfort blanket that would increase drinking capacity and protect him from vomiting all over it. To be honest I can’t say that it didn’t work, he’s the heaviest and most civilised drinker I know. He wore a tattered old Marks & Sparks affair, But this 70’s collection are proper drinking jumpers!

Take note booze related branding dudes out there – If you make us some god awful jumpers just in time for Christmas, I promise you, we will buy them by the truck load! I’ll even help you design them myself, come on these need a come back ;)

Via: Art Brut(e) | Also almost worthy of a post on it’s own – tache rape-shave reference.

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