Eiger Nordwand Fondue

We’ve been saving the classic Swiss cheese fondue for a special occasion, so when we found a North Face of the Eiger version in the North Face of the Eiger restuarant, with amazing views of the North Face of the Eiger, we had to get it.

This is Nicky’s first ever cheese fondue, I think you can see by her face that she’s wondering, how can all this melted cheese ever be good for you?

Well mainly because it’s tastey, tastey, tastey :) But probably one of the hardest meals to eat with a big beard!

All gone, was that good Nicky? I think so.

One thought on “Eiger Nordwand Fondue

  1. Sometimes I think that since all nice and tasty food is so unhealthy and fatty, maybe the universe really does want us all to be huge and not that healthy!


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