He is Rob Law

You might already know Rob, he invented the Trunki, he’s been on Dragons Den and is currently spear heading an advertising campaign for Orange business. He’s also also a great mate of me and Paul, Orange have just produced a short film about him and we almost fell off our seats laughing at some of the old uni pictures, nights out and holiday pics of us all spanning the last decade! Check out the film here. We shot some footage of our thoughts about Rob (although they only seem to of used the sensible ones for some reason) and posted them back, they even included some shots of us we had on there of our trip, looks really good :)

One thought on “He is Rob Law

  1. Hi Cookie

    Although I’ve not commented for a while, I’ve been following your exploits with great interest (and more than a little envy).

    It’s great to put a voice to the face… and see you brought to life in video… although I’m glad that I’m not surrounded by quite as many flies here!

    I remember seeing Rob on Dragon’s Den and thinking that the trunki was great (and that he got a rough ride on the show). I’m really pleased things took off for him.

    Also, I think the concept behind the Orange campaign is one of the best out there at the moment (I’m probably not qualified to comment on such matters, but I wanted to share the love nonetheless).

    Anyhow, keep up the great pics and posts!

    Lots of love (but not manlove).


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