Horde all your Cardboard!

Cardboard graphics, party flyer, unit 2

We’re having a house party at Unit 2, it’s a joint (belated) house warming for our new housemates Jody & Emeline, and birthday party for me! (I turn the grand old age 31 on the 10th)

The theme is cardboard, accessorise with it, dress in it, draw on it, make of it what you will. No one is allowed to do this, I want to make it. We’ll be getting hammered on boxes of wine from about 8 till late.

Stick it in your diary & hope you can make it :) Cookie.

4 thoughts on “Horde all your Cardboard!

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  3. Good point Dil, it seems a shame, a few randoms can sometimes be interesting! but don’t want it to get out of hand… I’ve chopped off the address now, and removed the map link.

    Hey can you & Helen make it? You know where we live!

  4. Cookie.. is it a good idea to advertise your party on the internet?

    You could have a situation like that Corey Delaney in Australia… where a bunch of crazy teenagers trash your place and your neighbours houses..

    Suppose it’s not as bad as the time my dog doing a ‘dirty protest’ in your living room.

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