I finally got an invite to FFFFOUND!

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I’m amazed how simple and easy it is to use. Haven’t had much time to start collecting images yet… but you can view my found page here.

I just want to say a massive thank you to Russell Davies for giving me his last remaining invite :) If you’re stuck finding a christmas present this weekend you should check out Russell’s book – Egg, Bacon, Chips & Beans.

112 thoughts on “I finally got an invite to FFFFOUND!

  1. Hola desearia `por favor si alguien me pudiera mandar una invitación estoy loca por conseguirla, gracias

  2. I feel so bad that people have taken over your blog by asking for ffffound invites. Cheers to you for responding as many times as you have.

  3. Hello, my name is Felipe and i offer one invitation to Diaspora + one invitation to Demonoid, for one invitation to FFFFOUND! =) my email is elmalinquilino [at] lavabit.com (I apologize for my bad english).

  4. these things are rarer than than elephants eggs! I have been after an invite forever and have failed miserably in getting one. If any of you guys take pity out there my deets are bradclarkuk at gmail . com

    Keeping everything crossed!

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