Mammoth luggage for little people

Mammoth luggage for little people

Me and Nicky were invited by my mate Rob to enter his Pimp my Trunki challenge! If you’re not aware of Rob’s luggage for little people, check ’em out here. I remembered when Rob was designing the original Trunki at University, his first sketches were all of a furry animals. I always thought at somepoint he’d release a big furry version, but he hasn’t, so I’ve done it for him!

I’ve made it so that it’s basically just a stuffed cover that could be easily slipped on and off (and packed away inside). The material I used (toilet rugs!) was a bit on the think side, had to hand sew everything and it only just about manages to pack away inside itself. Nicky made the little caveman rider, I’m sure all you crafters will want to know how we did the hair – I’m not entirely sure what it is, some sort of hair piece (but ring shaped?) from the big wig shop at the beginning of Ridley Road Market in Dalson.

It’s going to be displayed along with about 10 other custom trunki’s from other designers and artists at this years Bristol Design Festival, 5th-11th June 2009. I’ll be going down on Saturday to check it out.

Update: What I didn’t realise (should of read the brief..) is that the custum Trunki’s are getting auctioned off to raise money for the festival. So if you can’t make it down the auction and would like to own a Cookie & Nicky ridable luggage original, then email with your bid.

5 thoughts on “Mammoth luggage for little people

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  2. Wow Cookie & Nicky you absolute stars, lovin the wooly mammoth Trunki, arrived in the office today and the whole Trunki team think its brill. The caveman sock monkey is a splendid addition and using a toilet matt is pure Genius.

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