Philosophy of Facial Hair

picture of billy childish, he has a moustacheThis looks like an interesting talk at the ICA soon (even going to be a live barber demonstration).

“Moustaches, beards, sideburns, goatees – half the population has facial hair to trim, style or just shave off. The other half is mostly ignorant of all the historical, social and cultural intricacies related to the ownership of facial hair or simply witnesses the trends and variations in the male grooming habits.”

Speakers include Billy Childish, pictured. It’s on Tuesday 29 January 2008, 7:00 pm.

8 thoughts on “Philosophy of Facial Hair

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  2. Morning Cookie,

    How is going today? All good I hope.
    Well it looks like I am going to go to the Tash Party, along with a few friends,
    so hopefully see you there!


  3. Hey Cookie,
    It’s certainly an unconventional talk, in terms of the kinds of talk or event I go to, but the more I think about it, the more interesting I am sure it will be. And to have a real life, barber there – PERFORMING LIVE, I mean it makes it very hard not to go!
    And yes of course, would be good to meet the legendary Cookie! ;-)
    I’m going to check my calendar (that’s the wife between you and me) and get back to you soon as.


  4. Ha ha, great comment Bob. I fancy making a poster with the slogan “Facial hair is officially in for 2008”. Are you going to it then? I think I might get tickets, would be good to put a face to the name.

  5. Brilliant timing!

    I’ve just grown a beard myself – not just like in the last second or anything, took me a month, and now, all I get now is conversations about my beard and how i look like captain haddock or how I look more communist etc. But it always ends in something like, ” you look really different, but hey, it looks good on you” – so not all bad I guess.
    I have sent an official memo round the creative department today demanding everyone grow their facial hair and go to these talks. Naturally, this includes the women.

    Facial hair is officially in for 2008.


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