Shiver me timber’s

POKE's Pirate Piss-Up

Sadly Emma is leaving POKE today :( She’s decided we’re all far too immature, so is off to teach a load of school kids instead. The good news though, was that we got to throw her a pirate themed picnic in Regents Park to see her off! We started to work our way through a case of Mount Gay Rum at 5pm, Kester was being sick on his feet by 8.30pm, Dave got us all barred from Primrose Hill Pub by 9pm, me and Alex downed Jagermeister and Red Bull Depth Charges at god knows o’clock and Igor was last man home at 5am. I’m still hungover now, 48 hours later…

Check out Nick’s, Dee’s, Emma’s & Marc’s photos on Flickr.

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