1. The CDT in 3 min. | 2. The CDT in 15 min. | 3. Full length version: New Mexico | Colorado | Wyoming | Montana
Little map of the the CDT

The Continental Divide Trail (in 15 min)

This is probably the most accessible version, reasonable short but long enough to give you a feeling for each state. It's also in generally chronological order.

Here's summary of our Daily Routine:

6.00 am - Wake up. Never set an alarm, but never slept in, why doesn't this happen at home?

9.00 am - Breakfast. We usually had oatmeal, apple & cinnamon was our flavour of choice.

11.00 am - Elevenses. We would eat a snack bar, we generally stop for a break every 2 hours.

1.00 pm - Lunch. The main break of the day, one whole hour sat on your arse. Actually often didn't feel like that, you'd be making/eating lunch, checking the maps, maybe doing a bit of washing in a stream then before you knew it you were back on the trail.

4.00 pm - Nuts break. We ate a shit load of nuts, trying to hit our target of 5000 calories a day.

5.30pm - Energy crisis time. A quick stop to shove more nuts down yer gob to get you to camp.

7.00 pm - Camp. The rule was we couldn't stop before 7pm, often it was hours after 7pm until we found anything remotely comfortable looking to pitch our tent on.

8.00 pm - Dinner. We would usually eat Ramen Noodles for starter, a dehydrated Knorr/Lipton meal for main.

9.00 pm - Cocktails. Nearly every night we'd have a tequila or rum based coctail, mixed with fruity Crystal Light flavours. I say nearly because I would always ration what booze we had to run out 1 night before we got to town - the first beer in town always tasted much sweeter that way.

10.00 pm - Bedtime.

Songs used:

1. The New Mexico section is edited to the tune of Dueling Banjos by Curtis McPeake & Dueling Banjos.

2. Colorado is set to Rock and Roll, Pt. 2 by Gary Glitter.

3. The Wyoming song is The Big Country performed by Jerome Moross & The Philharmonia Orchestra.

4. Finally Montana's track is Carry that Weight which then runs into The End by The Beatles.

Extras: Crossing Water | Walking in the Rain | Ski Sunday | Slow Motion | Glacier Alternate | San Juan Alternate


1. Read a day by day account of the whole trip on my blog (500 entries).

2. Check out Paul's Photos of the trip on his Flickr.

3. Download the route planner / overview map / rough schedule we used - blank or filled in with data.

4. Download Quicktime files of our documentary for fullscreen viewing:

 » 3 minute version

 » 15 minute version

 » 2 hour version


1. You absolutely must get Jonathan Ley's maps.

2. This map of the CDT on Google Maps is very useful.

3. The site Spirit Eagle has pretty much all the info you'll need.

4. CDT Planning Guide.

5. Most people we met used the Wolf guides from the Conentinental Divide Trail Society and the Yogi handbook for town info.


1. Boston & Cubby (nobo) 2008.

2. Skittles (sobo) 2008.

3. Sunset (nobo) 2008.

4. Shaggy (nobo) 2007.

5. Crazynuts (sobo) 2007.

6. Wildcat (sobo) 2007.

7. Sidewinder (nobo) 2006.

8. The Walkumentary 2006.