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Little map of the Colorado CDT section

Colorado Section of the CDT

As you'll gather from the video, the defining aspect of Colorado was the snow. When we entered Colorado and crossed the San Juan Mountains (favourite section) the footpath was almost entirely buried deep under the snow, the map and compass were always at hand taking bearings and working out where over the next ridge we were supposed to aim. But as June turned into July things started to melt and there was a bit more grass to laze about on :)

Probably the best singular highlight was climbing Mount Elbert, which is the highest mountain on the Continental Divide. But also for me, my girlfriend Nicky came out halway and walked with us for 2 weeks (we had to slow down a bit).

Near the end there's a shot of me in the tent during a lighting storm. This was probably the scaryest moment on the CDT, lightening was hitting the ground every 10-15 seconds in every direction...

Songs used:

1. The Chama section is Teenage Wasteland by The Who.

2. The San Juan Mountains section is Catastrophe and the Cure by Explosions in the Sky.

3. The lake City section is The Great Escape performed by City of Prague Philharmonic.

4. The Salida section is Young Folks by Peter Bjorn & John.

5. The Twin Lakes section is The Birth and Death of the Day by Explosions in the Sky.

6. The Silverthorne section is Chinese Translation by M. Ward.

7. The Grand Lake section is Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles.

8. The Steamboat Springs section is Ballad of Easy Rider by Roger McGuinn and at the end - Demonique by AiM.

Extras: Crossing Water | Walking in the Rain | Ski Sunday | Slow Motion | Glacier Alternate | San Juan Alternate


1. Read a day by day account of the whole trip on my blog (500 entries).

2. Check out Paul's Photos of the trip on his Flickr.

3. Download the route planner / overview map / rough schedule we used - blank or filled in with data.

4. Download Quicktime files of our documentary for fullscreen viewing:

 » 3 minute version

 » 15 minute version

 » 2 hour version


1. You absolutely must get Jonathan Ley's maps.

2. This map of the CDT on Google Maps is very useful.

3. The site Spirit Eagle has pretty much all the info you'll need.

4. CDT Planning Guide.

5. Most people we met used the Wolf guides from the Conentinental Divide Trail Society and the Yogi handbook for town info.


1. Boston & Cubby (nobo) 2008.

2. Skittles (sobo) 2008.

3. Sunset (nobo) 2008.

4. Shaggy (nobo) 2007.

5. Crazynuts (sobo) 2007.

6. Wildcat (sobo) 2007.

7. Sidewinder (nobo) 2006.

8. The Walkumentary 2006.