Rolling Stones album cover brief

Rolling Stones album cover brief

Mick Jagger’s brief to Andy Warhol“do what ever you want….. and please write back saying how much money you would like”. Ha ha, why don’t I ever get briefs like this!

The album in question was Sticky Fingers, which famously had a huge bulging cock imprint on a pair of jeans with a working zipper:

Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers

Via: Biggest Apple.

Baby Update

Daisy 7 months

My brother’s twins are getting bigger and more interesting every time I go back home :) I forgot to do the six month post.. but here they are at 7 months!

Daisy is still racing ahead in the growth again, got 2 teeth now and big chubby cheeks like me when I was a baby.

Oliver strangely looks a bit older because he never really put on his baby fat and is looking like a lean mean super baby model, definitely got his photogenic skills nailed at an early age.

Oliver 7 months

The biggest tosser perhaps?

The World Stone Skimming Championships

I‘m going to have to start a category ‘events I wish I’d gone to but only just found out about them after they happened’ to remind me of these things next year. Ok I’ve done it.

This shot is taken from the The World Stone Skimming Championships 2009 on Easdale Island, Scotland. I saw that Anne Ward (I Like) had been this year. Apperently the island is made out of slate, so has plenty of little flat rocks that are ideal for skimming.  It’s strange that the results are in meters, me and my brother always used to play the most bounces wins. Either way I want a go and will try and remember it next year!

Christmas Vital Stats 2009

Christmas Vital Stats 2009

For the past few years I’ve making these ‘fill out your Vital Stats, hand it over to your partner’ Christmas cheat sheets. My attempt to solve the age old problem of buying clothes for your better half at Christmas time. It’s generally been my most popular post of the year, for the simple reason I suppose, we need them!

So basically you fill out one and give it to your partner (or whoever you’re expecting a present off), or get them to fill out one for you so you don’t blow a surprise by asking for a particular.

Here are the printable forms:

Surprise surprise each year the girls form is downloaded much than the boys, this is the sort of thing girls just remember, us blokes need a handy reminder I suppose ;)