George Clarke’s Old house, New home

Last night the whole family made our TV debut on George Clarke’s Old House New Home show on Channel 4, you can watch the episode on the Channel 4 website.

I wanted to give a shout out to all the companies and people that helped us renovate our beautiful Edwardian home in Addiscombe Croydon. I’ll try and write up something about the whole experience in another post.


Builder: Perfect Building Solutions

Electrician: KEAS Electrical Ltd

Plumber: M&I Heating and Plumbing

Front Room

Wall Light and Green Table Lamp Base: Pooky

Paint, “Papavera” and “Golden Honey”: Sandersons (Style Library)

Yellow Song Armchair: Maker and Son


Kitchen Units: Pluck

Worktop installation: Total Tops

Worktop: Tri Stone Surfaces

Apple green tiles: Johnson Tiles, Milton Hollins Collection

EL 13 Amp Stove Cooker: Esse

Tap and sink: Franke

Ceiling Pendants: Pooky

Paint, “Matterhorn”: Sandersons (Style Library)

Dining Room

Yellow Song Armchair: Maker and Son

Dining Table Top and High Chair: Stantons

Dining Table Legs: Tiptoe

Dining Chairs: Pluck

Paint, “Matterhorn” and “Botanical Green”: Sandersons (Style Library)


Bed: Karma Beds

Wallpaper, “Apple”: William Morris (Style Library)

Navy and Pink Bedspreads: John Lewis

William Morris Strawberry Thief Bedspread: Bedeck

Curtain Makers: Dixons Interiors

Curtain Fabric, “Srrawberry Thief”: William Morris (Style Library)

Ceiling Pendant and Bedside Lamps: Pooky

Paint, “Fire Pink” and “Amanpuri”: Sandersons (Style Library)


Sacker Double Ended Bath: Lefroy Brooks

Sink and Toilet and Taps: Lefroy Brooks

Savoy Marine Wall Tiles: Johnson Tiles

Devonshire Floor Tiles: Johnson Tiles

Coving and Ceiling Roses: Keaneys Ltd

Paint, “Matterhorn”: Sandersons (Style Library)


Grey Armchairs: Rhubarb Homes

Desk Lamps: Herston

Paint, “Matterhorn”: Sandersons (Style Library)


Internal Doors: PJ Pine and Sons

Wooden Flooring: The Natural Wood Flooring Company

Coving and Ceiling Roses: Stevensons of Norwich

Column Radiators: Radiators4u

Ceiling Pendants: Pooky

Paint – Hallway and Stairs, “Charlotte’s Locks”: Farrow and Ball

Paint – Landing, “Matterhorn”: Sandersons (Style Library)



I ‘ve been busy rebranding, redesigning and Cookie-ifying all of SamKnows digital products this year. First to get relaunched is the website –

If you don’t know anything about SamKnows and it’s highly likely that you don’t, they can measure your internet, they measure lots of peoples internet, they are considered the best measurers of the internet in the world! Governments, regulators and ISPs all over the world use them to conduct national studies on internet performance. They have big plans, plans to help you get better internet, understand your internet performance more, make the complexity and mystery about why your internet is sometimes good, sometimes bad and thing of the past, they want to build a self healing internet so you don’t ever have to worry about bad internet again. We’re not there yet… but you can sign up for a free Whitebox and start monitoring your internet right now, new features will be hot off the production line.

Big up to Callum for building it, all the .svg animations on the homepage required some mad maths skills. Oh there’s a couple of hidden Easter eggs on the homepage, see if you can find them :)

Lost My Name – Dragon Slayers

Lost My Name Book

The guys I’m working with were on BBC’s Dragon’s Den last night! Here’s the episode on iPlayer, they’re right at the end of the show. Asi’s negotiations were brilliant, the only time I can remember someone getting all the money they wanted for the equity they offered. £100,000 for 4%, a new record for Dragon’s Den.

I think it’s a safe bet for the dragon though, they’ve got really strong growth, feels like sales are almost doubling every month, Christmas this year is going to be nuts. So much stuff going on behind the scenes here too, just about to launch the book in multiple languages, even an American version because they were constantly complaining David couldn’t spell ;) Book number 2 is in the works, much more ambitious (and hopefully magical) than the first. We’re hoping to have it ready early next year. We’ve started working on an animated version of the book for a mobile and TV app. And we’ve got a new site launching soon (which I’ve been helping them with). Happy days.

One of the nicest things about working for a company like Lost My Name is the feedback we get from our customers, here’s a particular favourite we received the other day:

I have to tell you that I am 53 years old and have purchased countless gifts for children over the last 35 years and this book was the most extraordinary and priceless gift I have ever given to any one before. This is no exaggeration. Your work was perfect – creative, intelligent and beautifully crafted.

Head over the Lost My Name, stick a name in and see what it’s all about. Or watch this video:

Walking across the Alps on the GR5

Finished editing the video of me and my brother walking across the Alps from Lake Geneva to Nice along the GR5. If you haven’t got half an hour to spare, here’s the 2.5 min highlights version.

At the time we booked our plane tickets we didn’t realise that the Alps had received it’s biggest snowfall in the past 50 years over winter… So even though it was early summer (June), it felt more like spring! Progress was slow through the deep snow on the passes and we had to make a few detours for safety. In the end we didn’t make it all the way to Nice before our 20 days ran out, we stopped a few days short at Saint-Étienne-de-Tinée. But we had a great time, the scenery was fantastic and we pretty much had the whole Alps to ourselves, which is a rare treat these days.

You can see the photo set of the trip here »

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