International Kings of Sport

International Kings of Sport

Well I’ve been meaning to post some pics and video of my brother stag do for a while and never got round to it.. Well better late than never!

Deciding what to do ‘as the main event’ for Giles’ stag do was a pretty simple decision as it was a continuation of a theme that’s been ongoing for the past 16 years. Me and Giles had a tradition of trying to drink our age in pints on each others birthdays. To prove that we had done it and quite frankly to help ourselves keep count, we would take a notebook to keep a tally of drinks. Usually it was only me and Giles that believed in the purity of starting at 11am when pubs open. So after we’d exhausted topics of conversation, we’d start filling up the notebook with not only the pints we’d drunk but also the scores of all random games we’d be playing from pub to pub. Influenced by a television programme of the same name, these bi-annual competitions of drinking stamina and pub game prowess become known as International Kings of Sport.

I’d always wanted to do something more like the original TV show, which itself was based on a surrealist concept from the 1960’s called the Flux-Olympiad, it followed the same format as the normal Olympics, with one small difference – the events were just plain stupid. Well no point explaining any further because I can just show you, first up is the..

Long Jump (head first)

International Superman Dive

Rules are pretty much the same as the normal long jump, but instead of measuring from your back foot, you measure from your furthest outstretched hand.. you know the superman dive! Shanks topped the charts on this one with an almighty jump of 5 metres 75 cms, although there was some controversy involving a double movement, but we let him off.

Photo by John, check out his photography portfolio – Cloverleaf Images »

Here’s the video:

100m Sprint (around a 10m circular track..)

100m Sprint (around a 10m circular track..)

In retrospect I’m not sure this was the best choice of event, running round and round in circles with a belly full of beer isn’t that good for your guts.. and the contents of my guts were all over the beach soon afterwards..

Here’s the video:

Photo Finish (the 3 metre sprint)

Photo Finish (the 3 metre sprint)

I actually think this should be an Olympic event, it’s really exciting because it’s always so close you can only tell who’s won by examining the photo finish afterwards. No video for this one I’m afriad the 5D was taking the bursts of photos.

Tennis Whack (with a cricket bat)

Tennis Whack (with a cricket bat)

Simple rules, who can whack a tennis ball up in the air for the longest. We also played who can chuck a tennis ball the furthest, but to be honest the footage wasn’t that thrilling. The two greenies dominated this event, with big greeny just pipping his brother by 4 hundredths of a second.

Here’s the video:

Who was the King?

Who was the King? Hedgy!

Hedgy! – long live the king of sports! I’d like to point out that I came a very respectable joint second with Greeny :)

Well I could go on but I think this post is already quite long enough. If you we’re wondering where you have to go to find such fantastic weather, beautiful (and empty) beaches, the answer is North Wales! Harlech to be precise.

Our new little friend

Standard Foam Hat

1. Standard Foam Hat (Love that it looks like a Bearskin, this is what comes with the H4n)

Me & Nicky have fallen in love with our new H4n Handy Recorder, not only is he rather useful at adding good quality audio to the Canon 5D, but he’s sooo cute with his little hats on! So funny in fact, that we’ve already decided to make a little story about him walking across New Zealand in the same vain as this wonderful little film about a Wall-E toy:

I’m half tempted to take all the hats with us for costume changes, but we should probably pick just one, but which?

Afro hair

2. Afro hair (I pulled this one off my old Sony mic)

Genetically modified monster

3. Genetically modified monster! (This is the official optional wind breaker for this mic so might actually work best, but it’s a bit of a monster..)

Now all we need to do is hack into his LCD screen so we can display some facial expressions on there, anybody know how to do this without totally busting it..?

Abelha Cachaça

Abelha Cachaça

There’s nothing better than a free drink and on Saturday I had plenty :) Courtesy of my friends Ant & Hal, who are launching a new brand of Cachaça in the UK – Abelha. For those who don’t know, Cachaça is a sugar cane based spirit (a little bit like rum, but not rum) from Brasil. It’s the main ingredient of the world famous Caipirinha cocktail. I’m so jealous, wish I had my own brand of booze.

It was a fancy dress do and we took the Brazilian theme to it’s logical conclusion by going in pubeless naked suits… Check out the photos of the event here »

The Brazilian crew in our naked outfits

Check out the stop motion how to make a caipirinha cocktail animation Hal made:

Super Pii Pii

super pii pii the Wii penis controller

Astrap on cock controller for the Nintendo Wii? Apparently Super Pii Pii is actually just an April fools joke by ThinkGeek, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re already coming off the production line of a Chinese factory, as Dave our IT man put:

“It’s brimming with potential, I can see the next Grand Theft Auto where you have to cruise the streets for ass seeing how many hoe’s you can knock up, it could also have a virtual reality mask and the pants could incorporate a jar of giblets for added realism, no?”

Cardboard Party!

Cardboard party pics

Well our house is just about back to normal now that the last of the party has been moped up and cleared away. I did a really shit job of taking pics, only got a few crappy camera phone shots before and after… Hopefully someone might send me some better ones to post later.

Above is my box of wine, Sachi’s keytar & Nicky’s box of Monster & Munch. I think Ahra’s reporter from ‘Harro’ magazine was probably best costume, had working zoom lense on camera and a spring loaded shutter button!

Update: Ah, Yeevon’s took some much better pictures, here’s a selection. I’ve uploaded all of them to my Flickr.

Cardboard party photos

2 Days to Cardboard Party!

Giant cardboard cigarette packet

Remember Cardboard Party in 2 days! We haven’t got any decks or DJ’s, so we’re doing the bring your own music thing and borrowing the poke mix CD hat (you have to wear it while your CD’s on). If you’re coming and want to do 15-20min set, burn it onto a CD and bring it along with you Saturday.

That’s Nicky’s costume in the picture, I’ve been tasked with making hers too while she’s suning herself in Thailand! It’s not finished yet, it’s going to be good :)

Please buy me!

a coolection of stuff I have for sale on ebay

As I’ve mentioned before I’m off on a 6 month hike in a few months, there’s a couple of things I need to do before I go; save some money & get a someone in my room to pay my rent. What this equals is saying good bye to some of the stuff I’ve been hoarding over the years. Hopefully this should raise a reasonable amount of cash and ease the burden removals and storage.

So over the next few weeks I’m going to become a part time ebay seller, you can check out all stuff I’ve listed so far here. Everyone knows how addictive buying stuff on ebay can be, it often surprises me that more people haven’t got into selling, it can just as addictive! Especially when you get a load of money for something that you were just about to throw in the bin. But it can be a bit of a chore carrying everything down to the post office, so that’s why I’m going to do it all in little chunks.

I think I’ll have a few interesting things up for grabs, first up this week I have Vintage Leica IIIF, an old first aid tin, a pair of 70’s headphones, a couple of petrol powered remote control cars, a zombie fancy dress outfit, an original painting by me and a couple of rucksacks.

Go on have a bid!

Top 10 things of 2007

I was just reading on Asi’s blog his top 10 things of 2007, thought I’d have a go too, so here is my Off the Top of My Mead, Favourite Things of 2007.

Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games music video

1. Music

Of Montreal, album: Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? I first came across Of Montreal through their brilliant music video of the song Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games by Kangaroo Alliance. Really into their catchy bass lines & surreal lyrics.

film poster of Planet Terror

2. Film

Planet Terror by Robert Rodriguez. Non stop zombie blood bath – Girls, guns, guts, this movies got it all – loved every minute of it. Shame Tarantino’s Death Proof wasn’t as top notch (although the ending was genius).

Nad Shot, blog of cartoon characters getting whacked in the nuts

3. Blog

Nad Shot. I love blogs or sites that are obsessively devoted to one obscure thing, well Nad Shot tops the ranks for me. It’s a blog showcasing frames from comics where a character is getting whacked in the nuts. Genius.

Free love and less expensive beer protest sign

4. Party/Fancy dress

There’s been a few good do’s this year, but I think my favourite was back in the begining of the year for my 3oth birthday when we went on a protest pub crawl through london. More info here, and some pictures of the day here. It had everything, all day drinking, armed police trying to arrest us, fancy dress, all my friends and a banging warehouse party at the end to polish it off. Ah happy days :)

Nike vintage waffle racer

5. Stuff to buy

My top purchase this year was my Nike Vintage Waffle Racers in Classic Green. In my opinion, the perfect trainer and I love them the bits. More info on the Nike Vintage site.

Sorry T-Shirt

6. T-Shirt

I love t-shirts, but the one I love above all others is my sorry. t-shirt from Glarkware. It’s so simple, but always get comments from random people, and you can’t fault Cooper Black as the classic t-shirt font.

Poster by Scott Hansen

7. Designer

So hard to pick your favourite, but I think I’d have to go for Scott Hansen, portfolio | blog. I’ve been an admirer of his work for a while, it just so beautifully detailed and rich.

Alex Trochut BA numbers

8. Illustrator

Alex Trouchut, I suppose you could say his work is typography, but I’m in awe of his clean lines and precision work, all of it top notch. Check out his portfolio >

Sachiko Munakata

9. Person

Sachi. I was going to pick my girlfriend Nicky, but she doesn’t have a site yet that I can link to… So instead (and perhaps more rightly so) I’m going to pick Sachiko Munakata. I’ve only known Sachi for 3 years, but we’ve been house mates all that time and she really is a pleasure to live with. I’ve met a few people throughout my life who constantly amaze me and I never tire of, Sachi’s definitely one of them. (Sachi you need to start posting to your blog though!)

FFFFOUND website, tile view

10. Website

It’s got to be FFFFOUND. The site is just so crammed full of good things to look at, it’s hard to go a day without visiting it. Find some good looking things now > (if anyone has a spare invite, could you send it my way?)