Ah, this is the good life

Well almost, I nearly got chucked out of this place for going in the water toboggan while it was filling up (Nicky took some great video of it) and Nicky’s just been told off by a big German lady for some toilet flushing incident! It’s kind of stressfull being back in civilisation..


My mother tells me that I’ve had a habit of ordering the most expensive thing on the menu since an early age, well I haven’t grown out of it yet!

Me and Nicky have had a hunger for great steak for a while now, we had one at lunch that didn’t quite hit the spot. So when I saw a Chateaubriand on the menu tonight, I knew we were in for a good feed :) Interesting thing about this one was it came with 2 different sauces, one was a creamy mushroom affair, the other was like a boozey cheese sauce. I’m not sure if either were traditional? Can’t remember, it’s been a while. But both were tastey, espeacially the boozey cheese :)

Oh yeah, the steak was awesome.

The Black Pearl

We bought this bottle if Swiss pirate plonk because the name amused us after our boating trip. But I’m telling you, it was one of the nicest bottles of wine I’ve ever had :) If you ever come across it, I highly recommend you give it a go. I’ll certainly be trying to find a source of it when I get back home.

Update: You can buy it from Domaine du Mont d’Or, the full name is – “La Perle Noire” Assemblage Rouge AOC Valais. Going to order mine now :)

Gone Fishing

We didn’t quite finish the intended route, but we did see a good deal of beautiful Switzerland. This rowing trip pretty much marks the end of our holiday ‘on foot’. We’re now having what Nicky considers is ‘a proper holiday’ and heading to Brig in the Rhone valley for some sun and chilling (here now, blogging from a pub). There’s a campsite near which I loved as a kid, it’s almost like a water based theme park. We’ll get the bus there tomorrow and I’ll let you know if it lives up to my memory.

Meat & Cheese

I think this is the first time I’ve ever had room service. Guess how many waffer thin, tiny slices of bread I got to wash down all this meat and cheese? Four!

Tastey though, we saved some of the meat for tommorrow’s fishing trip.

I is stealing ur internetz

We stayed at the Berghaus on the banks of Lake Oeschinensee last night. Only realised this morning that there was un-secured wireless internet coming out of this rather ornate building next door. So we grabbed the table nearest (left of picture) and have been boozing/blogging all morning :)