Hohtürli Pass

Here’s a shot of Nicky climbing the last little bit to the top of the pass. Then her on top, pity there wasn’t much of a view, I imagine behind her towards the Blüemlisalp group would be pretty special. It started to rain soon after we reached the top, so we headed straight down.

Berghaus at Bundalp

I don’t normally blog about the hotels we stay at, but this place is definetly worthy of a mention. Not only was it the nicest place yet, but also the cheapest – 55 Francs (£30) for bed, breakfast and evening meal.

The room was upstairs of a big barn, underneath was the cheese making and cow milking room. Didn’t need a wake up call in the morning when the cows came for a milk!

As the stay was so cheap, we felt we had to pay our way by getting stuck into some lager hell!