Rolling Stones album cover brief

Rolling Stones album cover brief

Mick Jagger’s brief to Andy Warhol“do what ever you want….. and please write back saying how much money you would like”. Ha ha, why don’t I ever get briefs like this!

The album in question was Sticky Fingers, which famously had a huge bulging cock imprint on a pair of jeans with a working zipper:

Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers

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There’s no way I could ever be considered a connoisseur of contemporary music, most of my music collection pre-dates the 80’s.. But I have had a relatively modern band on high rotation at the moment so I thought they might be worth bloggin’ about in case any of you hadn’t heard them yet.

Superthriller make that rare kind of music that sounds great, but is so loaded with humour that it’ll crack up you up at the same time as you’re tapping your feet. The band is Andrew Roland and brothers Ben and Max Ringham, they formed on the back of their Avant-garde performance group at Shunt down at London Bridge (sadly soon to buried under a new skyscraper). As I’ve been looking round the web for info on them I’ve heard them described as like a cross between Prince, Beck & Tony Hancock! To be honest, I’d say that was a pretty acurate description ;) They also remind of The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band a bit. Their website seems to be down, but here’s their MySpace page.

The only album I haven’t got of their so far is The Blank Album – a beautifully presented, but entirely blank CD. You get a code and URL and have to download the tunes you like (from what sounds like a wide range of material) to burn onto the blank CD! A great idea I think, but perhaps a bit too much work for some people, this is what they say about it on their site – “ingenious idea that went down like a pork chop at a jewish wedding.. nobody paid the blindest bit of notice.. it is however a rather interesting album.

I’ve uploaded a few of their tunes to give you a quick preview. If you like them, get yourself a copy of Superthriller 1Superthriller 2 from iTunes.

Probably their best known trackAhjustwannadance:

Me & you in heaven, like Tom Cruise but betterI Really Love You and Stuff:
I Really Love You and Stuff

You’ll get a geeky giggle out of this oneUpgrade:



I‘ve never really been a music video junkie, so the core idea behind HubsTVcreating your own music video channel and sharing with your mates the stuff you’re watching – passes me by really. But what does really get me excited is that blue hand, blimey isn’t it awesome? It’s that raised little finger that does it for me. The interface (and hand) was crafted by the consistantly amazing Rinzen and the site was developed by Adam Johnson.


four track

If you’re a musician and have an iPhone, this FourTrack app from Sonoma Wireworks has got to be a must. But also if you’re totaly un-musical and lying in bed with a hangover like me, it’s bloody great fun too! I’ve been harmonising all morning and making sweet beautiful music ;) Just look at that sumptuous interface, worth the £5.99 download price just to look at it.

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