Me 4 You, Threadless submission

Me 4 You, Threadless T-Shirt submission, by Cookie

It’s been a while since I’ve done any bloggin I know.. My excuse? Well I’m in Amsterdam and computerless in the evenings, I need to get a laptop but don’t want to buy one until they bring out the new MacBooks..

Anyhow, I haven’t been completely idle, I’ve also been working on a wedding invite for my brother who is getting married later this year. Which among other things led to this new t-shirt submission for Threadless, if you’d like them to print it, please head over and vote » Sadly it didn’t make the grade, voting has ended early..


Lucky Stripe t-shirt

This site’s been around for a while, but it’s the first I’ve seen of it – Emptees is a t-shirt design showcase site where people can show off, talk about, and love tees. It looks like the general trend of the community is toward dark (subject noy colour) and highly detailed designs like Garbage Pail kids (not really may taste). But there’s plenty of gems on there too such as – Lucky Strike above and Noopin below.


The site was built by Indie Labs, who also make Big Cartel, the pretty handy online store service.

Threadless Bestee Awards


Igot an email from Threadless at the begining of the year letting me know that my tee Whale of a time was up for their whopping $20,000 Bestee award. Reason enough to encourage you my readers to go and vote I thought, but one look through all of 2008’s printed tees made me thing what’s the point, there’s so there’s so much good shit I don’t stand a chance, who’s going to vote me over the competition…

Well I’ve just been back, on a day that democracy triumphed (Obama was sworn in) no less, to discover that all the really good designs didn’t make it and the 20 finalists, in my opinion are a sorry state indeed. What’s going on here, do the public really think that these 20 designs are the best Threadless have produced last year? I think not, there must be some heavy campaigning going on to get these designs voted for by people with no clue and who probably don’t give a shit. Hang about, that’s pretty much how the  elections work as well isn’t it ;)

Well if you haven’t cast your vote yet, I’d recommend – Bye Bye Apocalypse by Budi Satria Kwan, a very clever bit of skull art.