Lucky Stripe t-shirt

This site’s been around for a while, but it’s the first I’ve seen of it – Emptees is a t-shirt design showcase site where people can show off, talk about, and love tees. It looks like the general trend of the community is toward dark (subject noy colour) and highly detailed designs like Garbage Pail kids (not really may taste). But there’s plenty of gems on there too such as – Lucky Strike above and Noopin below.


The site was built by Indie Labs, who also make Big Cartel, the pretty handy online store service.

3 thoughts on “Emptees

  1. The design of monster shown is so unique and it will be different with others. Can I create the design for my kids? Your collections will be a trendsetter especially if you create it as exclusive as possible. It means that you do not need to make it pricey. You just need to make it unique and one design is for one T-shirt.

  2. Agree – Emptees is a pretty cool site but you have to sift through a lot of garbage to find the really cool stuff. There’s a lot of ideas there and whenever I get stuck for ideas its always good to have a browse there.

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