Rolling Stones album cover brief

Rolling Stones album cover brief

Mick Jagger’s brief to Andy Warhol“do what ever you want….. and please write back saying how much money you would like”. Ha ha, why don’t I ever get briefs like this!

The album in question was Sticky Fingers, which famously had a huge bulging cock imprint on a pair of jeans with a working zipper:

Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers

Via: Biggest Apple.

More cake action!

Cake baking

While I’m on the subject of cakes, I came across this Threadless Cake baking competition (now ended). Basically you had to re-create a Threadless t-shirt as a cake, my favourite was this You Are The Best cake by Leslie Evans. Look at the all the bloody detail on that lettering?! Everyone seems to be using ‘fondant’ though? Not nearly as tastey as marzipan, yum yum, looks like it might be a bit more sturdy to work with though.

Recovering Lazyholics Reminders

Recovering Lazyholics Reminders

I‘m loving these cut out reminders that Lazyholic has made. Reminds me of something similar I used to do at university with pictures of Clint Eastwood reminding me to do stuff, but much less weird.. I think Nicky might come home today to find our house covered in something similar, I’m definitely feeling the lazy bug at the moment.

You should also check out her blog & Flickr, all full of good stuff.

Via: How Magazine.

Seb’s Tits & Arse

seblester - Tits & Arse

I‘ve blogged about the typographic skills of Seb Lester before, but I think he deserves another post for this excursion from his usual precise clean vector lines, to this more old school tits & arse action ;)

He’s got his first solo show coming up on the 6th August (on for a month) at the Electrik Sheep Gallery in Newcastle. I’m sure his limited edition prints will be selling fast, so if you live nearby, you should go check it out.