Movember + Twitter & Hashtags = Tachetags! This was the brainchild of a mate at Blast radius, who got me in as the ‘moustache expert’ to make it happen.

Basically the idea is you upload daily photos of your folical folly to twitter (using twitpic, yfrog or img.ly) and add #tachetag in the text. We’ll pull them all into tachetag.com where you and anyone else can see your progress and, if they like the look of your hirsute heroics, add a donation in your name.

There a few more features in the wings, like being able to post images directly on the site, personal pages with all your photos and hopefully an animated gif of it growing.

Tachetags Website

Weekly Desktop Part 45

Different moustache styles illustration

Well we’re 3 days into Movember, so here’s a summary of possible moustache styles in desktop picture format to inspire all those taking part this year. If this is the first you’ve heard of Movember then you should sign up and help change the face of men’s health.

The illustrations are actually taken from a fun Movember related site I’ve been working on, more details when it goes live… soon!

Here a close up of the Zorro tache:

Zorro moustache vector illustration

Do you look like your blog?

You know the old saying ‘owners look like their pets‘. Well I was discussing blogging in general with my girlfriend Nicky last night and we wondered whether bloggers looked like their blogs?

Ok so here’s a test, this is me and this is my blog:

comparison of how much Cookie looks like his blog

I generally wear things that I like and don’t ever really give a thought (or fuck) to how they’d all look together. Today is a reasonable example; I’ve got my Social Suicide suit jacket, funny t-shirt, standard jeans, a pair of Nike vintage trainers and the card board graphics I was working on last night in a plastic bag.

I think I post to my blog in pretty much the same way as I dress. I just post the things that interest or amuse me without much (or any) editorial thought or planning. So at the moment the blog is sporting a post about car icons, a picnic table condiments set, some vintage photography and some graphic art… and it has a moustache just like me too!

Both me and Nicky thought this was conclusive proof that ‘I look like my blog‘. Do you or don’t you look like your blog and why?

Philosophy of Facial Hair

picture of billy childish, he has a moustacheThis looks like an interesting talk at the ICA soon (even going to be a live barber demonstration).

“Moustaches, beards, sideburns, goatees – half the population has facial hair to trim, style or just shave off. The other half is mostly ignorant of all the historical, social and cultural intricacies related to the ownership of facial hair or simply witnesses the trends and variations in the male grooming habits.”

Speakers include Billy Childish, pictured. It’s on Tuesday 29 January 2008, 7:00 pm.