Weekly Desktop Part 45

Different moustache styles illustration

Well we’re 3 days into Movember, so here’s a summary of possible moustache styles in desktop picture format to inspire all those taking part this year. If this is the first you’ve heard of Movember then you should sign up and help change the face of men’s health.

The illustrations are actually taken from a fun Movember related site I’ve been working on, more details when it goes live… soon!

Here a close up of the Zorro tache:

Zorro moustache vector illustration

18 thoughts on “Weekly Desktop Part 45

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  4. Great! My new desktop. I always thought the one labeled “BIKER” was a handlebar. The one labeled “HANDLEBAR” I always called a Circus Strongman moustache. Regional thing I guess.

  5. Thank you Cookie.

    A truly awesome piece of design. The lads and I in the office are all taking part in Movember and we now all have a matching Desktops. The only problem is we now don’t know which Mo to Grow!

    Long Live the Mo!

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