5 thoughts on “I wish I could do this with my penis

  1. Hey, thanks a lot, I found this blog lurking threadless.com..and what a nice surprise!
    By the way, I got the second place in the end.
    About Trochut: I’m not him. Well, I wish I could be him, but I’m not.
    Someone, among the comments on cpluv, sent me a link to his site and he is really great.
    Funny how I went to something so similar to some of his work starting from my own older designs…this is how it started: http://mm.cpluv.com/media_library/medias/mootsie/thumbs/XL01_b668db4b66fc5.jpg

    I liked the idea of the arms “breaking free” in strange compositoins. Then I thought that it could be more interesting to put the balloon away and mix the text with the shape of the arms. And then I thought that a funny phrase would be better than just a word :)

    Thanks again for metioning me and congrats for the nice blog!

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