Tofdru - cut & paste collage artist

Stumbled across the portfolio of Tofdru on Cargo today, it made my day, no shit made my year, this guys work is awesome. I didn’t think I’d see the day when a cut & paste collage artist would top Terry Gilliam, but I think he has. Can’t find out much about him other than he must own crap load of vintage magazines, I suspect he’s French, but his info page is in Japanese?

Update: Yeah he’s probably French, my Japanese friend says he must have used translation software, grammer is all over the place and it doesn’t make sense…

Also here’s his Flickr.

Cardboard Party!

Cardboard party pics

Well our house is just about back to normal now that the last of the party has been moped up and cleared away. I did a really shit job of taking pics, only got a few crappy camera phone shots before and after… Hopefully someone might send me some better ones to post later.

Above is my box of wine, Sachi’s keytar & Nicky’s box of Monster & Munch. I think Ahra’s reporter from ‘Harro’ magazine was probably best costume, had working zoom lense on camera and a spring loaded shutter button!

Update: Ah, Yeevon’s took some much better pictures, here’s a selection. I’ve uploaded all of them to my Flickr.

Cardboard party photos