Canabalt flash iPhone game

My new favourite iPhone/iPod game is Canabalt by Adam Atomic. Your little pixel dude is trying to escape what looks like some sort of alien invasion, and he’s running for his dear life. All you can do is choose when he should jump (by clicking), between rooftops, through windows into offices and across cranes etc.

Makes for a quick game, but super fast paced and addictive. My top score is 7927m, see if you can beat that! Also you play it online (free) here »

The Beatles – Rockband

The Beatles - Rockband

You’ve got to see this awesome cinematic teaser for the new Rockband game, Beatles edition. It’s starts off pretty good, nice 2D animation, well stylised. Then the boys parachute down, like the Lemmings, into a proper bonkers psychedelic wonderland, I loved it.

Directed by Pete Candeland of Passion Pictures, the guy who did the Gorillaz videos with Jamie Hewlett.

It’s a shame the actual game isn’t stylised the same..

Via: yewknee.