Canabalt flash iPhone game

My new favourite iPhone/iPod game is Canabalt by Adam Atomic. Your little pixel dude is trying to escape what looks like some sort of alien invasion, and he’s running for his dear life. All you can do is choose when he should jump (by clicking), between rooftops, through windows into offices and across cranes etc.

Makes for a quick game, but super fast paced and addictive. My top score is 7927m, see if you can beat that! Also you play it online (free) here »

5 thoughts on “Canabalt

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  2. I stopped avoiding boxes and I stopped exploding too… sweet, I doubled my score… it IS wrong of me to be this pleased….

  3. My top tip for playing the game is to not avoid the boxes, going a bit slower seems to help, but too slow and you can’t make it over the big jumps!


    Yep super talented guy.

  4. Good Score! way better than me so far.

    I met AdamAtomic the other day, nice chap. Very rare for one person to be so good at the drawing and the coding to make something like this just on their own!

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