Canabalt flash iPhone game

My new favourite iPhone/iPod game is Canabalt by Adam Atomic. Your little pixel dude is trying to escape what looks like some sort of alien invasion, and he’s running for his dear life. All you can do is choose when he should jump (by clicking), between rooftops, through windows into offices and across cranes etc.

Makes for a quick game, but super fast paced and addictive. My top score is 7927m, see if you can beat that! Also you play it online (free) here »

Time Lapse Beard Action

Great time lapse video from German hiker Christoph Rehage growing his beard (and barnet) while walking back home from Beijing?! He didn’t make it all the way back to Germany, just across China (4646km), but he did keep a bloody good account of his hair growing.

I’ve seen a few facial hair time lapses over the years, none as good as this. Some times it’s the standard day by day frame by frame technique, but usually he mixes it up with multiple shots as he rotates showing more of the scenery, or people in the background and some great timely facial expressions.

Strange seeing him shave it all of at the end, looks a completely different person, character even, I think he looks like a nicer person with the beard, he’s kinda slightly sinister without? Anyhow I know when I shaved my beard off after the CDT it freaked me out and I grew it straight back to cover the person I didn’t recognised below. If think with the caption “was it really me?” at the end, he felt the same. Grow it back Christoph, beards are best!

Via: Swiss Miss.

Grip Wrench

Grip Wrench

Ah great, Rex’s animated series Grip Wrench is now online! All 10 episodes are on there, featuring Hollywood hardman, Vietnam veteran and fearless patriot – Grip Wrench.

This is Rex’s favourite episode ‘Keep Safe with Grip Wrench’ is embeded above, I’m a big fan on Conad the Barbarian, sounds like gonad, probably one of my favourite testical gags to date :)

Grip Wrench

You can also download a tonne Grip Wrench goodies (meat) for your iPhone and computer here »

Follow Grip Wrench on Twitter

Why not follow GripWrench on Twitter, latest tweet – “Eating a piggy for lunch. His face is crunchy! Ha! Ha!”…

Doodles on white sofa

Also Rex has posted a few pictures of Julie’s white sofa that she bravely let us all attack with sharpie markers during her house warming party. I think it maybe needs another round to completey fill in all the white space…

Cookie & Paul do America

Preview of Cookie & Paul do America - video documentary site.

Ihaven’t been blogging much of late and I haven’t been sleeping much either… But that’s all going to change because this is an amazing post and after I finish writing it I’m going to bed! I’ve been editing my video documentary of our successful completion of the CDT. So clear a couple of hours and check out my site – Cookie & Paul do America, use the links on the bottom to navigate between sections. If you haven’t been keeping up – The Continental Divide Trail is a 3000 mile walk from Mexico to Canada along the Rockie Mountains, we did it this year in five and a half mouths from May to October, it was epic.

It’s mostly set to music that I feel fits the mood of the section, with a little bit of chat in between. Nicky noted that most of the songs come from the 1970’s which seems quite fitting because as we make our way across America out beards get longer and longer (it’s a tradition or an old charter or something), eventually we look like we are in the 1970’s! The last finishing touch was to add in the Indiana Jones style map sequences the give each section a bit of context. Thanks to Google maps new terrian view for providing an excellent map source for me the screen grab and five million steps for plotting the route on to it :)

When I get back and finish up a few outstanding bits and pieces, I’m planning to hire a cinema/pub with a projector and have a big screening (and piss up). I’ll let you know details when I sort them out.

Well Merry Christmas internet folk, I’m off, I’ll be back in London and bloggin’ in the new year, have a good one.

Boxer Christmas Card

Every year agencies up and down the country make themselves a Christmas card, they’re usually awful guff. But occasionally you get an agency that takes it that little step further and does something that really stands out, like firing a roast turkey at someones face while filming it in slow motion (skip to halfway for the good stuff). Nice work Boxer.

That was epic

That was epic

Born of the fact that Youtube comments are often funnier than the content itselt – That was epic decontextualises video comments to make modern pieces of poetry. Also they made a nice bit of typrographic animation of it too. See also a lil’ bot of Youtube sunshine.

Found on the excellent blog –  BOOOOOOOM!, they have a project going on of a somewhat similar ilk -the Free Encouragement Project. All they ask is you send in your encouraging words via email here: encouragement {at} Well that’s part 1 anyhow, not sure what’s going to happen in part 2, but I’m looking forward to it :) There’s some genius bits of prose on there already, my favourite of which is ‘Your handstands are awesome’:

your handstands are awesome