Grip Wrench

Grip Wrench

Ah great, Rex’s animated series Grip Wrench is now online! All 10 episodes are on there, featuring Hollywood hardman, Vietnam veteran and fearless patriot – Grip Wrench.

This is Rex’s favourite episode ‘Keep Safe with Grip Wrench’ is embeded above, I’m a big fan on Conad the Barbarian, sounds like gonad, probably one of my favourite testical gags to date :)

Grip Wrench

You can also download a tonne Grip Wrench goodies (meat) for your iPhone and computer here »

Follow Grip Wrench on Twitter

Why not follow GripWrench on Twitter, latest tweet – “Eating a piggy for lunch. His face is crunchy! Ha! Ha!”…

Doodles on white sofa

Also Rex has posted a few pictures of Julie’s white sofa that she bravely let us all attack with sharpie markers during her house warming party. I think it maybe needs another round to completey fill in all the white space…

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