Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

Finally! First post in ages… This blog hasn’t changed a great deal since 2006, it was in desperate need of an update, so here we go. I’m just going to start out with the standard WordPress template and design it as I go, I need to learn a bit more about designing in a browser – these responsive layouts have made Photoshop fairly redundant.

The thing I most want to explore with this re-design as you might of guessed by the title of this post is Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). I was shocked how shite to internet looks on Nicky’s new retina display laptop, fuzzy scaled up bitmap graphics when they have to potential to look so crispy clean is a sad thing to see. The future looks like it’s all about the vectors (again – r.i.p Flash).

It’s a bit of an arse though, even though SVGs have been around for ever, they still aren’t that well supported. I had to install a plugin so WordPress would recognise them as an image format. If you’re look at this blog in Safari you’ll already see the bug which scales the width but not the height… But I’ve only just started to scratch the surface, more soon.

Back to Blogin’ (almost)

Leaving for New Zealand soon!

Just wanted to let you know our New Zealand trip is just around the corner! We fly out on the 16th of October and should hopefully be starting the long walk south about a week later. I finish working this week (yay!) but alas still won’t have much time for bloggin’ as we still have to move out of our house and finish up the last bits & pieces of preparation. If anyone needs a house to rent in Dalston for the next 8 months, we’re still looking for someone to move in! Details and pics on this Flickr set (it’ll be cleaner/less cluttered by the time we move out!).

Well the exciting news is I’ve got a new blog! Well it seemed a bit retarded to write about travels abroad on a blog called Made in England.. Can’t spill the beans yet as it’s still half built, but I think it’s going to be pretty damn good if I don’t say so myself :) When I showed Nico my ideas for the blog, he said:

“There’s pretty much nothing on there that is out of the box for a wordpress blog :) Which makes it really hard to estimate how long time it would take to put together.”.

Sorry Nico.. It might break the blog mould a bit, but I think it’s going to be a great way of documenting our trip. Plus with all the awesome images from the Canon 5D, it’s going to look amazing!

I’m back online!

Pegs on my clothes line

Many apologies to my regular Made in England readers, I’ve been bloody useless at bloggin’ recently :( Ok, so here’s my excuse..

I’ve been doing some heavy research into camera equipment to take to New Zealand (if you’re not aware, me and Nicky will be walking it’s entire length towards the end of the year). Why? I get almost as much pleasure from documenting my trips (blog, photos & video) than actually walking the trails! So with this trip likely to be the most varied and stunningly beautiful to date, I wanted to take it to the next level, not the ultralight level, the uncompromised quality level!

I don’t want to get into gear right now (got work to do), just wanted to post a couple of test shots and let you know the research is over, I’m back in the blogosphere, and will try to hit my target of pushing out at least one post a day from now on :)

Check out the depth of field on this video, hmmm tasty!

More awesome wedding invites

More awesome wedding invites

Stumbled onto Studio On Fire’s blog Beast Pieces. Plenty of gorgeous letterpress work, but particularly taken by the collection of wedding invites they’ve printed. Loving the ligatures on the invite above by (the groom) Jefferson Perky.

It’s interesting that they print a whole set of cards, invites, RSVP’s, thankyou cards etc all in one go – “One of the things that we do to make printing them affordable is run all of the pieces on the same press sheet. Our presses are big enough to run several different cards on the same press sheet, then trim them down to size. This represents a huge cost savings over printing individual cards, setting up the press for each form on each card”.

Lovemix Boombox:

Lovemix Boombox

Great old school boombox with the love dial set to max, designed by Adam Ramerth. This design is even available for customisation if you’re interested.

Lovely set:

Wedding invite

Loving all the colour combos and mix of paper stock & printing techniques. Great all together set with nice envelope labels, perforated RSVP’s and even tiny little envelope to send it back in. Designed by Erin Jang.