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Lost My Name Book

The guys I’m working with were on BBC’s Dragon’s Den last night! Here’s the episode on iPlayer, they’re right at the end of the show. Asi’s negotiations were brilliant, the only time I can remember someone getting all the money they wanted for the equity they offered. £100,000 for 4%, a new record for Dragon’s Den.

I think it’s a safe bet for the dragon though, they’ve got really strong growth, feels like sales are almost doubling every month, Christmas this year is going to be nuts. So much stuff going on behind the scenes here too, just about to launch the book in multiple languages, even an American version because they were constantly complaining David couldn’t spell ;) Book number 2 is in the works, much more ambitious (and hopefully magical) than the first. We’re hoping to have it ready early next year. We’ve started working on an animated version of the book for a mobile and TV app. And we’ve got a new site launching soon (which I’ve been helping them with). Happy days.

One of the nicest things about working for a company like Lost My Name is the feedback we get from our customers, here’s a particular favourite we received the other day:

I have to tell you that I am 53 years old and have purchased countless gifts for children over the last 35 years and this book was the most extraordinary and priceless gift I have ever given to any one before. This is no exaggeration. Your work was perfect – creative, intelligent and beautifully crafted.

Head over the Lost My Name, stick a name in and see what it’s all about. Or watch this video: