1st bear encounter!

Paul running from a big black bear

Shortly before this shot was taken we stopped for a short break and it turned out to be our shortest break yet. Before our packs hit the ground I heard a deep grunting/growling sound that sounded nothing like any animal we had heard before. Cookie finally heard the noise when it started to get more and more alarming and closer by the second. Our packs were on our backs quicker than we took them off and as we moved away talking very loudly and making as much noise as possible I turned to see a bear the size of a small car pounding down the hill before it stopped under a tree a short distance away. We did not stick around to appreciate this animal and did not have chance to get out the camera’s to capture the event so on this occasion you will have to take our word for it. This has given us an almighty wake-up call and Cookie no longer sleeps with his secret stash of chocolate he got from Nicky!

I’m sure this will not be our last bear encounter we only hope next time we can appreciate these animals from a distance and get them on camera. Paul    

4 thoughts on “1st bear encounter!

  1. Woh! That sounds a bit hair raising. Brown bears are alright though aren’t they ? :/ It’s the grizzly ones that are super dangerous right ? … I’m sure being face to face with any bear is pretty serious! :o

    Take care you two!

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